Reality Therapy/Choice Theory

The core training established by Dr. William Glasser is a series of courses and practica that normally take about two years to complete. These begin with the Basice Intensive Course. Those completing Certification may opt to proceed to further training for the European Certificate in Psychotherapy using Reality Therapy. The attached pages give further details of each of these modules.

For those who wish to have full training in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy the different components are:

Stage 1 Basic Training Course
Stage 2 Basic Practicum
Stage 3 Advanced Training Course
Stage 4 Advanced Practicum
Stage 5 Certification

Those wishing to obtain a European Certificate in Psychotherapy using Reality Therapy have the option of continuing to this level after completing RT/CT Certification provided they meet all the requirements.

Further information on each of these courses is available under the relevant headings under COURSES in the main menu and by contacting WGII using the details at the bottom of this screen..

Course Application Form

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