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Payments in general and new complexities!

From 14th September 2019, banks in the Republic of Ireland require a two-step authentication process.  This extra layer of complexity is beyond our control but is sadly needed to offset fraud. Most banks and cards will only require this extra step when the amount involved is above a preset limit.

After submitting a payment, especially if it is over the limit set by your bank, you may need to check your smart phone or email for a verification step. We recommend you have your smart phone open when making an online payment so that you will see any notifications associated with the payment. ( Remember that If you are using a family member’s credit card, you may need to check that person’s email or phone for verification.) It is very easy to miss this extra step required by the banks. The result can be that (1) your payment is not made as expected and (2) in some cases the bank may block your card until the extra step is completed.

If your payment goes through properly, you should receive an email receipt.

Existing WGII account holders

IMPORTANT: If you are a member of WGII or if you have used our online shop in the past, it is advisable to log in first since you already have an account on our website.  If you have any difficulties logging in please visit our HELP PAGE.

Using our Online Shop

It is not necessary to be or become a member of WGII in order to use our shop but it is necessary to create an online account. Some contact details are needed for this.  

  1. If you already have a WGII account, log in first.
  2. Find the item you wish to purchase in the WGII online shop.
  3. Then Click “ADD TO BASKET
  4. If you wish to purchase more than one item you can return to the WGII online shop.
  5. Click “View Basket” (the location of this can vary according to the browser you use and we also have a basket icon at bottom right of the screen).
  6. Check your order is correct and click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT“.
  7. Complete the billing details requested.
  8. Fill in your credit card details as requested.
  9. Tick “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions“.
  10. Once you click “PLACE ORDER” you are authorising payment of the amount indicated.
  11. Complete any two-factor authentication steps. (This may involve your mobile phone or email.)
  12. A brief message will appear acknowledging your payment and you will receive a receipt email.

We use STRIPE, a totally secure payment platform and your card details are not shared with WGII.

After you pay for an item, you should receive an email confirming your order.  If you do not find this, please check your email spam folder as sometimes such emails are wrongly identified as spam.

If you encounter any difficulties with paying please CONTACT THE WEBMASTER  and describe your difficulties in the form referring to the above steps if possible.

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