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The William Glasser Institute Ireland is recognised by William Glasser International (WGI) to run official courses in Reality Therapy and other applications of Choice Theory psychology as developed by Dr. William Glasser.  WGI is the body approved by Dr. Glasser to offer official training and to promote Choice Theory psychology.

Very often universities and other bodies offer lectures or courses on Reality Therapy or Choice Theory.   Such training does not fit into the WGI training structure unless (1) the trainer is recognised faculty of WGI, (2) is a currently paid-up faculty member of WGI, (3) has registered the course and its participants with WGI and (4) is following WGI course guidelines.  Full certification in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy can only be offered by WGI and only for their own courses.  Advancement to faculty levels withing WGI require full official Certification in Reality Therapy/Choice Theory.  If you have any doubt about the WGI status of a course, please CONTACT WGII.

Brief introductory talks may be organised by contacting WGII using details published at the bottom of this page.

A “Take Charge of Your Life” workshop is intended for the general public as an introduction to Choice Theory psychology.

A “Basic Training Course” is the first step in formal Reality Therapy or Choice Theory training although many people who have no interest in further training find it a very complete entity in itself.

For those who wish to have full WGI Certification in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy the different official components are:

Stage 1Basic Training Course
Stage 2Basic Practicum
Stage 3Advanced Training Course
Stage 4Advanced Practicum
Stage 5Certification

Those wishing to obtain a European Certificate in Psychotherapy using Reality Therapy have the option of continuing to this level after completing RT/CT Certification if they meet all the entry requirements for this.

Further information on each of these courses is available under the relevant headings under COURSES in the main menu or you may click the name of an individual course above.  You are strongly recommended to read the information about a course before applying for it.

Course Application Form (covering Basic, Advanced and Certification)

Basic Practicum Application Form

Advanced Practicum Application Form

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