Certification in Reality Therapy/Choice Theory

This final stage of formal Reality Therapy/Choice Theory training normally takes place at a central location in the latter half of July. This helps bring together trainees from many backgrounds and helps establish a sense of collegiality among trainees.

The main purpose of the Certification Week is to provide trainees with an opportunity to show what they have learned in their training, to prove that they have reached an appropriate level of competence and to share their new learning with others. There is a strong atmosphere of celebration throughout such courses.

Those who complete the training successfully obtain a certificate in Reality Therapy/Choice Theory issued by the International William Glasser Institute.


The fees for an open course are €425 per person. This may be paid through the online shop.


Completion of Basic and Advanced training is a prerequisite for participating in Certification.


Course Application Form

  • Courses 2018 Basic Intensive Week: Training Module 1: Cost: €395 March.10th-11th & March 24th-25th over two weekends Region Dublin April 9th-13th Easter Region Dublin June 18th-22nd: Region Dublin July 11h-15th: Venue: UCC, College Road, Region Cork Over two weekends Nov. 10th—11th and Nov. 24th-25th Region Dublin Courses run subject to a minimum/maximum of 6/12 participants. Take Charge of Your Life is an Introductory 6 hour workshop in (1×6 /2×3 /3×2 ) in Dr. Glasser’s Choice Theory Psychology of Personal Freedom. Cost €65 Waged Participants and €35 Unwaged Participants. Available to individuals and organisations Interested in getting along with significant others in their professional and personal lives. WGI-Accredited Facilitators available throughout the country. 
Application Details on our website: www.wgii.ie info@wgii.ie . 087 2649063 Further Information and Application Details on our Website: www.wgii.ie. Email: info@wgii.ie or phone Kim  01 6204111 or 083 8218499 : FURTHER TRAINING IN REALITY THERAPY/CHOICE THEORY If you have started on your journey to Certification in Reality Therapy, and you are interested in continuing with any of the following training modules, please phone us at 085 7878539, or email us at: info@wgii.ie to register your interest. Training may be offered in Cork and Dublin, depending on minimum numbers applying. Basic Practicum: Training Module 2. (Requirement: Must have completed Basic Week Training) Cost: €395 Due Start ...
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