National Convention Policy


  1. The William Glasser Institute Ireland Annual Convention (referred to in this document as “the convention”) is organised by the WGII National Executive.
  2. The aims of the convention are:
    • to enrich the knowledge and skills of Choice Theory for its different applications in mental well-being, therapy, education and management.
    • to share information about Choice Theory and its applications with the general public
    • to encourage WGII members to engage in study, research and presentations
    • to facilitate the networking of people and organisations who are interested in Choice Theory and its applications
    • to achieve our aims in a need-fulfilling environment of belonging, power, freedom, fun and general well-being
  3. Normally the National Executive will extend an invitation to a WGII branch or to specific members of WGII to organise and host the convention.
  4. The convention Co-ordinator will be the member of the National Executive with responsibility for all matters pertaining to the National Convention.
  5. Those organising the convention (referred to as the organising committee in this document) on behalf of WGII will not charge a fee for their services but will have all approved expenses covered.
  6. The organising committee will produce a detailed budget for National Executive Committee approval, which will take account of the need to cover costs and to make money if possible. It is anticipated that the Convention will be an annual fund-raising occasion for WGII.
  7. At least two members of the National Executive Committee will be on the organising subcommittee.
  8. The organising committee will meet the National Executive Committee at least twice: once in the November meeting to explore proposals and secondly to present details of the full Convention plan and budget for approval by then NEC in the February meeting.
  9. Approval of the National Executive is required for the content, structure, budget and general approach of the convention.
  10. At any time the National Executive may intervene to modify aspects of the convention or even to cancel or postpone it.
  11. All workshops will have Choice Theory as their central theme.
  12. The selection of workshops should reflect the broad spectrum of application areas of Choice Theory although one specific area may have a special focus in a given convention.
  13. The lead presenter in each workshop should have completed at least a Basic Week in Choice Theory and ideally have reached Certification.
  14. One guest presentation may have a topic that does not include Choice Theory but the topic must be relevant to our members.
  15. Before including anyone as a presenter (including guest or keynote speakers) in the convention the organising committee must arrange a signed agreement with the person detailing the topic, date, time, duration and fee structures as well as information about meals, accommodation and travel expenses.
  16. Normally members are expected to give presentations without a fee or expenses.
  17. The convention is open to participation by any interested person.
  18. Participant fee structures for the convention should be such as to allow applicants to have different choices.
  19. Current members of WGII will have a special discount for the convention.
  20. The convention organising committee must publicise clearly in advance the fee structures, reduced rates for early application, the members’ discount rates, conditions regarding cancellations and the corresponding deadlines for these.
  21. The convention should not be planned for a date that is within two weeks of the WGI International Convention or the EART Convention.
  22. Members are asked not to hold any events that might compete with the convention in a period of two weeks before and two weeks after the start date of the convention.
  23. When WGII is invited to host the WGI International Convention or the EART Convention the international event will take the place of the WGI annual convention for that year.
  24. Normally the WGII Annual General Meeting will take place in conjunction with the annual convention.
  25. After the convention the organising committee will submit a report on the convention to the National Executive detailing attendance and a financial report.

Approved by the WGII National Exectutive Committee
8 May 2010
to come into effect for the 2011 National Convention
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