A Choice Theory Psychology Guide to Anger


Anger is a valid human emotion but it can sometimes get in the way of relationships and well-being.  This book examines both aspects of anger and explores how a person can gain control of the space between the spark and the flame.

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In this book you will find an approach to anger that recognises both the valid role it can play in human life and the unwelcome effects when anger becomes rage. The author is careful to acknowledge the very real causes of anger and prefers not to treat it simply as a bad habit.

Using ideas from Choice Theory psychology the author helps readers explore their own anger, its different forms and causes, its expression and effects. He offers a tried and tested method for the reader to take charge of the remarkably short space of time between the frustration and the outburst, between what the author calls the spark and the flame!


Brian Lennon has worked as both a guidance counsellor and psychologist over almost thirty years. He is a senior faculty member of William Glasser International, the official body representing Choice Theory psychology and Reality Therapy on behalf of their creator, Dr. William Glasser.

Brian is a Fellow of the Irish Institute of Guidance Counsellors, a Fellow of the William Glasser Institute Ireland and Chairman Emeritus of William Glasser International. He has produced several books and software in the Guidance & Counselling area and has presented on the topic of Choice Theory psychology in many countries around the world. He was a close associate of Dr. Glasser and, with his approval, founded William Glasser International. He lives in Co. Dublin, Ireland.

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