If you have certified in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy you can become a full member of the William Glasser Institute Ireland.


  • Newsletter: members receive a newsletter several times a year giving  news about new developments, articles on different aspects of Choice Theory and its applications.
  • Discounts: full members have a 10% discount rate on the cost of any of our events and the cost of books and other materials made available by us.  When a member logs into the website and visits our online shop, all prices displayed are automatically reduced by 10%.
  • Forum: Members have access to membership levels of our discussion forum, an ideal place to share ideas and queries.
  • Web access: after registering on our website full members have access to extra pages, downloads and discussion forum sections that are not open to the general public.  The Members’ page and forum is open to all members, Facilitators also have access to the Facilitators’ page and forum.  Faculty members have additional access to the Faculty page and forum.
  • Professional Development: At least once a year we organise a special professional development day for our full members.  Named in honour of Richard Pulk, this day deals with themes that are of current interest to our members.
  • Annual National Convention: Every year there is a special opportunity for members to update and extend their knowledge and skills in the applications of Choice Theory.  Networking with other members is an important feature of the convention.  Our conventions are open to the public also.
  • Representation: Through our National Executive, a committee that meets at least five times a year, members’ interests are represented to William Glasser International and to the European Association as well as to other bodies engaged in therapy and education.
  • Voting Rights:  Full members are entitled to vote in our Annual General Meeting and in any other official meetings arranged by WGII.  They also have voting rights in William Glasser International, the body approved by Dr. Glasser to represent him and his ideas, and in the European Association for Reality Therapy.
  • Constitution: Members of WGII have the advantage of a carefully elaborated constitution as well as many policy documents about different aspects of the work of WGII.
  • Code of Ethics: WGII was the first of all WGI bodies around the world to formulate a code of ethics, one that is consistent with our special approach to human psychology.
  • Complaints Procedure: Our members have a detailed set of guidelines about how to deal with complaints and problems.
  • Constant Improvement: As evidenced by the current work in developing a course leading to a European Certificate in Psychotherapy, members benefit from WGII’s dedication to a constant improvement of our effectiveness in helping others through Choice Theory.
  • Branch Support: Any members who form a branch in their locality will have support from WGII.  This includes a portion of the membership fee being made available to the branch.
  • Low Fees: The National Executive Committee of the William Glasser Institute Ireland makes every effort to ensure that our membership fees are as low as possible.  Those reaching Certification have free membership for the first year after becoming certified.
  • Trainee Membership: Those completing an official course that is part of our Certification programme have free membership for a year after they register for trainee membership.
  • Faculty Membership: Those who are facilitators (leading the “Take Charge of Your Life” workshops) or faculty members (Supervisors and Instructors) need to become members as facilitators or faculty respectively. This ensures their full recognition as faculty of William Glasser International.

See our Membership Policy for further details.

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