Bookshop Policy

Policy for the WGII Shop

The aim of the shop is to facilitate access to publications that help people learn about Choice Theory and its applications. The term “publications” will cover printed matter, audio and video recordings and other learning aids.


In line with its goal the shop will stock:

1. Core publications by Dr. Glasser

2. Publications by Naomi Glasser or Carleen Glasser

3. Publications about CT/RT by WGI faculty members

4. Publications about CT/RT by other authors

5. Publications that have a strong connection with CT/RT ideas

Items in sections 4 and 5 must have specific approval of the WGII National Executive before being included in WGII shop stock.

The shop will also facilitate payment of membership renewal and fees for official WGII events.


All publications will be priced so as to keep costs as low as possible but at the same time allowing for a safety margin. To this end retail price to the public will be wholesale price plus 25%. For current members (including trainee and newly certified members) this price will be discounted by 10%.

In addition to the retail cost of each item allowance will be made for the cost of postage and packing as well as other expenses such as internet commissions. A handling fee will also be included and this will be paid to the Office Administrator.


The Online version of the shop will comply with the WGII website policy.

Every effort will be made to post items within 48 hours of receiving an order.

Postal orders may include general information about Choice Theory and its applications.

The National Executive will appoint a WGII member who will be in charge of the WGII shop.

The ulitmate decision about the shop contents and costs will rest with the WGII National Executive committee.

Approved by WGII 15th September 2007

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