The European Union is introducing new regulations about the privacy of data held about its citizens.  These provide admirable protection of personal information held about EU citizens and the regulations come into effect on 25th May 2018.  WGII is currently contacting people on our mailing list to ensure that they can give or withdraw their permission to be on the list.  If you do not receive such a message from us in the next week and you want to be on our lists please contact us and let us know what you want.  If you have changed your email address it would also be helpful to contact us and let us know.


If you are a European Union citizen, to help comply with GDPR consent requirements, we need to confirm that you would like to receive content from us.

We do not use email messages for marketing products.  To those who consent we use email to send information about events and ideas that are relevant to Choice Theory and its applications.

The William Glasser Institute Ireland has always safeguarded any data it collects from trainees or members.  If you have done any training with WGII, rest assured that we do not sell or share your data with any other organisation or individuals.  Your training data is kept securely in a database and minimal contact data is kept in a secure MailChimp account.  The reasons for storing this data are:

  • Keeping records of courses completed.
  • Providing certification of courses completed to candidates.
  • Keeping track of membership of WGII.
  • Anonymous statistical analysis of course participation.
  • Publication of membership lists (by consent) to members.

The data we keep on the database includes your name, address, phone numbers and email.  In addition we keep a record of the courses you have completed together with instructor name, dates of the courses and location.  We keep information about whether you wish your phone numbers and/or email to be published in membership lists and we only include your data in such lists if you have consented.  We also store a photograph of any member who wishes to contribute this.  You are entitled to see and change your personal data at any time.  If you have any concerns whatsoever about the data we keep about your training please contact us and explain your request or query.


Courses 2018

Basic Intensive Week: Training Module 1: Cost: €395

  • March.10th-11th & March 24th-25th over two weekends Region Dublin
  • April 9th-13th Easter Region Dublin
  • June 18th-22nd: Region Dublin
  • July 11h-15th: Venue: UCC, College Road, Region Cork
  • Over two weekends Nov. 10th—11th and Nov. 24th-25th Region Dublin Courses run subject to a minimum/maximum of 6/12 participants.
  • Take Charge of Your Life is an Introductory 6 hour workshop in (1×6 /2×3 /3×2 ) in Dr. Glasser’s Choice Theory Psychology of Personal Freedom. Cost €65 Waged Participants and €35 Unwaged Participants. Available to individuals and organisations Interested in getting along with significant others in their professional and personal lives. WGI-Accredited Facilitators available throughout the country. 
Application Details on our website: . 087 2649063

Further Information and Application Details on our Website:
Email: or phone Kim  01 6204111 or 083 8218499


If you have started on your journey to Certification in Reality Therapy, and you are interested in continuing with any of the following training modules, please phone us at 085 7878539, or email us at: to register your interest. Training may be offered in Cork and Dublin, depending on minimum numbers applying.

  • Basic Practicum: Training Module 2. (Requirement: Must have completed Basic Week Training) Cost: €395 Due Start Date: Saturday October 13th, 2018
  • Advanced Intensive Week: Training Module 3 (Requirement: Must have completed Basic Practicum) Cost €395 Date: TBC
  • Advanced Practicum: Training Module 4 (Requirement: Must have completed Advanced Week Training. Cost: €395: Date: TBC
  • Certification Week: Training Module 5. (Requirement: Must have completed Advanced Practicum) Cost: €425. Venue: Dublin Date: TBC

A New History of the Glasser Organisation

A commemorative historical edition of the Spring 2017 issue of the International Journal of Choice Theory® and Reality Therapy is now available in hardcover publication. It is beautifully done with a copy of Carleen Glasser’s water-color of Bill Glasser on the back page and a short write-up by Dr. Patricia Robey, Guest Lead Editor, who agreed to oversee this phenomenal undertaking at the request of Journal Editor, Dr. Tom Parish. (more…)