A Choice Theory Psychology Guide to Parenting


Parenting is possibly the hardest job in the world.  Nancy Buck offers fresh ideas on the daily challenges of bringing up children.

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Parenting is the most important, terrifying and rewarding job you’ll ever have. For better or worse, most of us learn how to do this job from our parents. But what if the example your parents set is not something you want to follow?

In A Choice Theory Psychology Guide to Parenting, international child expert Dr. Nancy Buck offers readers a new and far more effective way to parent while maintaining a loving relationship with their sons and daughters. Parents and children have different agendas, children push for freedom while parents pull for safety. This push-pull relationship between parents and children starts at birth, and continues throughout childhood, adolescence and early adulthood. Rather than relying on the typical controlling, punishing, and relationship-destroying attempts to dominate children, Choice Theory psychology teaches you to follow the instruction manual you and your offspring are born with. The result is happy, responsible children who want to maintain loving relationships with their parents. Great parents who follow this instruction manual raise great children.

Nancy S. Buck, Ph.D., fresh, funny and unafraid,  tackles the tough topics facing all families today. She is a developmental psychologist, and expert in children’s motivation and behavior, and parenting coach. As the founder of Peaceful Parenting Inc®, a blogger for Psychology Today and US News & World Report as well as an author she gives lively and helpful advice that parents can put into practice immediately.

Dr. Buck reveals the secret to understanding children’s behavior based on Choice Theory psychology. She is helping parents use better, more effective practices to improve life for every member of the family.

In addition to working with families, Dr. Buck’s consults with schools, foster care agencies, early childhood education facilities and other organizations concerned with child welfare. Her mission? To make the world a better place one child and one family at a time.

Please visit her website, www.drnancybuck.com or email her at nancy@drnancybuck.com

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