Office Coordinator Role

  • The Office and its staff will be available as an office service to the William Glasser Institute.
  • It will be managed by and paid for the WGII Ltd.
  • One member of the WGII National Executive, The Office Co-ordinator, will be responsible for managing the office on behalf of WGII and ensuring that the Office and bookshop policies are maintained.
  • The Office Co-ordinator will:
    – Attend and participate at all WGII official committee meetings.
    – Establish a clear role definition in conjunction with the National – Executive Chairperson and Committee
    – Maintain a portfolio for the role so that the job can be easily transferred to the next holder of the role

Use the following specifications as guidelines in the running of the office:


  • There will be a specific line used for WGII only.
  • The telephone will be answered by office staff at clearly established hours.
  • An answering machine service will operate at all other times with next-working-day replies to telephone queries left on the machine.
  • The person answering telephone to do so in the name of “The William Glasser Institute”.
  • This person should have very good interpersonal skills and be aware of the PR aspect of telephone work.
  • The person answering the telephone should be well-informed on WGII procedures, courses etc.


  • The office will applications and deposits, keeping lists of applicants, record of amounts paid, issue receipts as well as answering telephone queries about courses, spaces left.


  • Yellow forms would be sent to the office from WGII to indicate forthcoming courses.
  • The office will then prepare and issue packs for Instructor and candidates.
  • At the end of all courses, all course documents and monies will be sent to the office for final processing.
  • The Office will forward the required documents and monies to WGI and ensure that the database is kept up-to-date on trainees progress through courses.


  • Supervisors will keep the office informed about any changes in their availability status. This is stored on the database.
  • This will mean that the list of available supervisors issued in course packs will always be uptodate.
  • Trainees may also contact the office to find out lists of available supervisors.


  • The office will send out mailshots to the WGII Committee members for all WGII meetings.


  • The office will send out membership renewal forms to all certified candidates.
  • The office will process all incoming membership fees.
  • The office will post out the Newsletter to all current members.


  • The office will send out advance information about the annual convention.
  • The office will process convention applications.


  • With approval from the WGII Office Co-ordinator the office staff will look afte the ordering, storage and sale of books and other resources.
  • The office in consultation with the relevant course co-ordinators will also ensure that there are adequate supplies of all course materials.


  • The office will be equipped with telephone, fax, computer, printer, scanner, photo-copier and broad-band internet access.


  • Office staff will be efficient and quality conscious, have a good telephone voice and personality, deal with all calls with courtesy and discretion, will be familiar with WGII procedures, have a good knowledge of the Policies & Procedures Manual.
  • It is recommended that office staff should have completed at least one RT/CT Basic Intensive Course (at WGII expense).


The following IT skills are important:

  • Ability to maintain the WGII database (currently on “Filemaker”)
  • Make regular (at least weekly) security backups of database.
  • Ability to deal with e-mail, attachments, file-compression.
  • Word-processing skills.
  • Familiarity with remote access (e.g. via Laplink)
  • Ability to process online orders for the WGII shop.
  • Ability to keep uptodate selected pages on the WGII website.
  • Ability to use DTP for Newsletters an advantage (if professional output is possible)


  • The office will not be associated with any other organisation that would have a purpose that is in any way in conflict with the aims of the William Glasser Institute.
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