Faculty Instructor Coordinator Role

  • Attend all WGII official meetings.
  • Establish a clear role definition in conjunction with the National Executive Chairperson and Committee
  • Maintain a portfolio for the role so that the job can be easily transferred to the next holder of the role
  • Circulate Instructors with notification and agenda and co-ordinate Instructor meetings.
  • Maintain WGII policy notes on Instructors, on fees and on other matters pertaining to instructors, communicating any changes to instructors, to the WGII Office, and to the Website Manager.
  • Maintain a full list of instructors
  • Establish and forward to the WGII Office annually a list of instructors who are full members and are currently available to run courses
  • Ensure that the way instructors are assigned to courses is in the best interests of WGII and is fair to all
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