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WGI Constitution


The name of the organisation is the William Glasser Institute, Ireland (WGII).


The aim of the Institute is to teach and promote the theories and practices of Choice theory, Reality therapy, Quality Schools and Lead-management allied with the mission statement of the William Glasser Institute (W.G.I.), of which W.G.I.I. is an integral part.

2.1In the pursuit of this aim, the William Glasser Institute, Ireland, will:
maintain and encourage links with the William Glasser Institute (W.G.I.),
publish and maintain a code of Ethics,
maintain the programmes, policies and procedures of the W.G.I.I., arrange and facilitate courses in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, Quality Schools and Lead-Management,
facilitate access to basic textbooks and primary learning material,
provide information on these areas to the public, 
represent the members,
foster communication to and between members,
ensure that all it’s members have an equal opportunity for participation,
facilitate further professional development of its members through workshops, seminars, conventions and Branch activities,
co-ordinate the training of faculty,
strive to ensure that all costs are kept as reasonable as possible,
establish the necessary roles and committees to pursue these aims,


There are seven categories of membership:


3.1.i  Full Accredited Member: Individuals, designated RTP (Reality Therapy Psychotherapist) who have completed their training in Reality Therapy and Choice Theory to a standard accepted by the Accreditation Board of the European Association of Reality Therapy as meeting the accreditation requirements of the European Association of Psychotherapy, and who have paid their annual subscription for the current year.

3.1.ii Full Certified Member: Individuals, designated RTC (Reality Therapy Certified), who have completed their training in Reality Therapy and Choice Theory to Certification, in accordance with the rules and procedures of WGII, and have paid their annual subscriptions for the current year. 

 3.2 Trainee Member – current trainees who have completed at least a Basic Week.

3.3 Associate Member – others who are interested in WGII and have paid the annual subscription for the current year

3.4 Lapsed Member – those who are fully Certified, but have not paid their annual subscrition.

3.5 Branch Member – A Full member who has affiliated to a Branch of W.G.I.I.,

3.6 An Honorary Fellowship, which will include all rights of full membership, may be awarded, on the unanimous vote of the National Executive to certified members who have given distinguished and dedicated service as Full Members for a period of not less than ten years to WGII. Such fellowships will normally be conferred at Annual General Meetings.

3.7 The National Executive has the right to accept or reject applications for membership of the Institute, subject to the requirements outlined in the Membership Document.

3.8 An annual membership subscription, as determined by the National Executive, is payable annually for each category of membership other than Fellowship.

3.9 A Registrar will maintain an updated register of all members and this information will be available for inspection, on request, to any member.

3.10 The membership year shall be from January 1st to December 31st annually.



4.1 The National Executive will administer the Institute in line with policy determined by the Full members of W.G.I.I. at General Meetings and in accord with this Constitution.

4.2 The National Executive will comprise the officers and ordinary members elected at the Annual General Meeting.

4.3 The National Executive will comprise a maximum of 14 Full members, not less than 8 of whom have been directly elected at the Annual General meeting.

4.4 The term of office of the National Executive will run from one Annual General Meeting to the next.

4.5 Nominations to the National Executive, which must be in writing and with the consent of the nominee, shall be sent to the Secretary 28 days prior to the Annual General Meeting, signed and dated by a proposer and seconder who are Full members.

4.6 The National Executive shall have a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Sectretary, Treasurer, Registrar and other such officers as the National Executive may from time to time determine.

4.7 The Director for Ireland, as appointed from time to time by the parent body, the William Glasser Institute, (W.G.I.), will be an ex-officio Member of the National Executive and one of the 14 members of the National Executive with full voting rights, but may not hold any other office on the National Executive.

4.8 All elections to the National Executive, except that of the Director for Ireland, will be by secret ballot and by means of a single non-transferable vote. Election will only be required where more than the maximum number of members permitted on the National Executive are nominated. Should less than 8 nominations be received in writing by the Secretary, then additional nominations to achieve that number may be taken at the Annual General Meeting.

4.9 Members of the National Executive may not hold the same office for a period greater than three consecutive years and may not regain that office for a further three years.

4.10 The National Executive has the right to set up sub-committees, from time to time, as it deems fit. These sub-committees will be Chaired by a member of the National Executive and will operate under strict terms of reference given in writing to them and in accordance with the policies of WGII.



5.1 The Chairperson:

5.1.1 -will be nominated and elected by the Full members present at the Annual General Meeting from those who have been elected to the National Executive at that meeting, and who have ideally served a minimum of three consecutive years on the National Executive.

5.1.2 -will hold office until the next Annual General Meeting

5.1.3 -will be the primary representative of the W.G.I.I.

5.1.4 -will carry out the office of Chairperson of the National Executive and of the Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meetings, in accordance with this Constitution and in line with established procedures and precedent for the proper conduct of meetings.

5.1.5 -will oversee the execution of the decisions of the National Executive on all matters pertaining to the affairs of the W.G.I.I.

5.1.6 -will have a casting vote, which he or she is obliged to exercise in the event of a tied vote.

5.1.7 -will also be an ex-officio member of all sub-committees.

5.2 -The Chairperson’s word or ruling will be final, providing always it is in accordance with the terms of this Constitution.

5.3 -The Vice-Chairperson shall be elected annually at the first meeting of the incoming National Executive and shall deputise for the Chairperson when not present or when requested by the Chairperson to do so.

5.4 The Treasurer, Secretary and Registrar shall be elected annually at the first meeting of the incoming National Executive and shall carry out such duties as are assigned to them under this Constitution or by the National Executive.

5.5 Other officers will be appointed by the members of the National Executive in response to the needs of the WGII.

5.6 Each officer will be responsible to the National Executive for the proper discharge of his or her duties and may be removed from office by them for failure to do so.

5.7 The National Executive will meet at least three times every year.

5.8 Vacancies arising within the National Executive during a term of office may be filled for the remainder of the period by the National Executive itself by co-option.



6.1 Full Members of W.G.I.I. may apply to the National Executive to form a branch in line with policy established by the Full Members at General Meetings and in accord with this Constitution, subject to ideally having the support of seven full members.

6.2 Branches may organise themselves within their own area to promote the aims of the W.G.I.I. in line with policy established by the Full Members at General Meetings and in accord with this Constitution.

6.3 Each Branch will be required to elect a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

6.4 Branch affiliation will be approved by the National Executive in line with policy established by the Full Members at General Meetings and in accord with this Constitution.

6.5 Branches will be self-financing with the exception of special projects agreed in advance with the National Executive.

6.6 Each Branch will give an annual progress report, including a financial statement, to the National Executive prior to the Annual General Meeting.

6.7 There will be a meeting of the Branches, twice a year, with one representative selected by each Branch to attend. These meetings will be organised by the Branch Co-ordinator appointed by the National Executive.



7.1 Voting at all meetings – A.G.M., E.G.M., National Executive and Branch – will be confined to Full members.

7.2. Voting will be determined by simple majority unless otherwise stated in this Constitution.

7.3 Minutes of all meetings will be dated and kept by the secretary, or other appointed officer, and these shall contain, as a minimum, all resolutions passed together with the names of proposers and seconders.

7.3.1 Minutes of General Meetings, both Annual or Extraordinary, will be made available by the National Executive to Full members upon request.

7.4 Annual General Meetings

7.4.1 The Annual General Meeting is to be held annually or not more than 14 months after the last meeting.

7.4.2 The quorum for the AGM will be not less than 20 full members or 10 per cent of all full members, depending on which is the lower number..

7.4.3 Eight weeks notice shall be given of the AGM to all WGII members.

7.4.4 A copy of the annual accounts will be circulated to all Full members with the Notice of the AGM.

7.4.5 The AGM will be called, on the instruction of the National Executive, by the Secretary or other member of the National Executive designated the task by them.

7.4.6 Only Notices of Motion sent in writing to the Secretary and signed and dated by a proposer and seconder, who must be Full members, will be considered at the AGM.

7.4.7 Such Notices of Motion must be received by the Secretary no later than four weeks prior to the AGM for circulation to Institute members no later than fourteen days prior to the meeting.

7.4.8 The Full members at the AGM, on the recommendation of the National Executive, will appoint an Auditor, who must be a professionally qualified accountant, to carry out an annual Audit of the financial affairs of the WGII. and who shall report to the National Executive.

7.5 Extraordinary General Meetings

7.5.1 A minimum of four weeks notice of an EGM will be given to all Institute members advising of its purpose.

7.5.2 An EGM will be called, on the instruction of the National Executive, by the Secretary or other member of the National Executive designated the task by them.

7.5.3 The quorum for an EGM will be not less than 20 full members or 10 per cent of all full members, depending on which is the lower number.
7.6 Voting at General Meetings shall be by means of a valid voting card where a secret ballot is not provided for under this Constitution or voted for by those present at a General Meeting.

7.7 Failure by any member to receive valid notification of an AGM, EGM or meeting of the National Executive, through oversight, postal delay or other means not directly attributable to wilful negligence, as determined by the meeting, will not invalidate the holding of the meeting.

7.8 National Executive Meetings

7.8.1 Where possible, eight weeks’ notice, in writing, will be given to National Executive members.

7.8.2 Meetings of the National Executive will be called on the instruction of the National Executive by the Secretary or other member designated the task by them.

7.8.3 The quorum for National Executive meetings will be six.



8.1 The National Executive will keep proper books of account on behalf of the WGII.

8.2 All monies raised by or on behalf of the WGII shall be applied to further the aims of the institute in Ireland.

8.3 Bank accounts will be held in the name of the William Glasser Institute, Ireland.

8.4 The National Executive will authorise, in writing, the appointed Treasurer, together with any one of two other members of the National Executive, to sign cheques on behalf of the WGII.

8.5 The National Executive is empowered to borrow funds up to a maximum of £10,000. Larger borrowings must be authorised at an AGM or EGM.

8.6 All assets of the WGII, whether fixed or current, will be vested in the current National Executive and administered by them for the benefit of the members and in accordance with this Constitution.



9.1 Nothing in this constitution will be interpreted as preventing the WGII from becoming a Limited Liability Company, subject first to the agreement of the Full membership as established at an AGM or EGM called for that purpose.

9.2 A proposal to change the Constitution must be received in writing by the Secretary no later than two months prior to either an AGM or specially convened EGM and circulated to members no less than four weeks before the notified date.
9.3 Alterations to this Constitution must receive the assent of no less than two thirds of those members present and eligible to vote at the AGM or EGM.


10.1 If the National Executive, by a simple majority of its Full membership, decides that it is necessary to dissolve the WGII, it will call an EGM for this purpose, giving the necessary notice.

10.2 A motion favouring dissolution must be approved by two-thirds of the Full members present in person at the General Meeting.

10.3 If a motion favouring dissolution is carried, the meeting is charged with making decisions regarding the existing assets and liabilities of the WGII.

This Constitution was approved at the WGII AGM 1998
and updated at the WGII AGM of 2011



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The William Glasser Institute Ireland is a non-profit making body established in 1987 to help plan and co-ordinate courses in Reality Therapy, Choice Theory psychology, Quality School Education, Lead Management and Personal Well-being. Our goal is to help people improve the quality of their personal lives and relationships through the promotion and teaching of Choice Theory psychology and its areas of application.

Reality Therapy is the counselling approach based on Choice Theory psychology.

Choice Theory psychology offers a whole new perspective on life:

Quotes from Glasser

You can be ‘right’ and still kill your relationship.

— William Glasser, Staying Together, 1995, 46