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Online Training at WGII

We are happy to announce that we will be offering our intensive training in Reality Therapy/Choice Theory online from now on.

In this time of COVID restrictions we think it more necessary than ever that people have the opportunity to learn the power of Choice Theory to enhance our ability to understand ourselves, our relationships and our lives. Applying Choice Theory to our own lives enhances wellbeing, and helping others with Reality Therapy or in education or management settings brings theory to life and has the potential to enhance the lives of all who use it.

This course is a stand-alone course that will give you ideas and skills that you can begin to use immediately in your work and life, but it can also be the first stage of the 5-stage process of Certification in Reality Therapy, accredited by William Glasser International.

You can now take our Basic Training Course from the comfort of your own home. The course has full recognition from William Glasser International.

DATES: Our first Basic Training Course in Reality Therapy/Choice Theory will start on Saturday, November 7th (3 hours in the morning, and two in the afternoon), and will continue on 5 Monday evenings (3 hours per session). The course concludes on Saturday December 12th (5 hours).

Participants will undertake 5 hours of offline independent study, to reach the total 30 hours of the course. A dedicated Moodle link will be provided for access to support materials.


  • access to ZOOM on laptop or PC (phone or tablet apps will not be effective).
  • a copy of Dr Glasser’s last book: “Take Charge of Your Life”, whether on Kindle (current cost: €2.72) or in paperback (€11 online). This is the core textbook for the training course.
  • attend all the sessions to attain the WGI Basic Course Certification, which is essential if they wish to continue on to further levels of training.

Cost of Training:€395. To apply, please CLICK HERE and mention this course. (Our normal application form is temporarily out of order!)

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The William Glasser Institute Ireland is a non-profit making body established in 1987 to help plan and co-ordinate courses in Reality Therapy, Choice Theory psychology, Quality School Education, Lead Management and Personal Well-being. Our goal is to help people improve the quality of their personal lives and relationships through the promotion and teaching of Choice Theory psychology and its areas of application.

Reality Therapy is the counselling approach based on Choice Theory psychology.

Choice Theory psychology offers a whole new perspective on life:

Quotes from Glasser

To keep on good terms with adult children, continue to be warm and loving, but do as little as possible for them or to them, as much with them as you both enjoy, and respect them enough to be willing to leave them alone if this is what they want.

— William Glasser, Control Theory, 1984, 201