Certification Coordinator Role

  • Attend and participate at all WGII official committee meetings.
  • Establish a clear role definition in conjunction with the National Executive Chairperson and Committee
  • Maintain a portfolio for the role so that the job can be easily transferred to the next holder of the role
  • Organise and Co-ordinate all Certification Weeks
  • Working out a provisional schedule of number and dates of courses in consultation with the Advanced Practicum Co-ordinator to be presented at the February Committee meeting (Jan)
  • Creation of a budget for each week
  • Provisionally booking Instructors (Jan)
  • Arranging a written agreement with each instructor giving full details about the course, dates, times, venue, accommodation/food arrangements and allowances, fees
  • Provisionally booking venues by November for the following summer
  • Sending a Yellow Form for each course [available in office] to the WGII office, complete with dates, venue and name of Instructor. (Feb)
  • Ensuring that application forms are prepared and ready for distribution at the February Practicum meeting
  • Booking Restaurant for Celebration Meal and booking of venue for distribution of Certs [Feb]
  • Co-ordination of Certification Award Ceremony
  • Liaising with the office regarding the contents and preparation of the Instructors’ packs for Certification Weeks
  • Ensuring that Charts and Certs are ordered from U.S.A. for packs [Dec.]
  • Liaising with office regarding bookings for courses, and arranging for participants to get confirmation of courses and receipts as soon as possible (April, May, June,)
  • Allocating applicants to Instructors with whom they have not worked (as far as possible)
  • Supplying Instructor with names of participants as soon as possible
  • Co-ordinating registration of courses.
  • Cancelling venues and informing Instructors if courses do not run and returning cancelled Yellow Form to the office
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