Glasser Publications

Books authored or edited by Dr. William Glasser
(in chronological order)

1960 Mental Health or Mental Illness?
1965 Reality Therapy
1969 Schools Without Failure
1972 The Identity Society
1976 Positive Addiction
1981 Stations of the Mind
1984 Control Theory
1986 Control Theory in the Classroom
1986 The Control Theory – Reality Therapy Workbook
1989 Control Theory in the Practice of Reality Therapy
1990,1992 The Quality School
1992 The Quality School Teacher
1994 The Control Theory Manager
1995 Staying Together
1998 Choice Theory
1998 Choice: The Flip Side of Control – The Language of Choice Theory
1999 Creating the Competence Based Classroom
1999 Reality Therapy in Action
2000 Every Student Can Succeed
2000 Getting Together and Staying Together
2000 What is this thing called Love?
2001 Counseling with Choice Theory: The New Reality Therapy
2001 Fibromyalgia: Hope from a completely New Perspective
2002 Unhappy Teenagers: A way for parents and teachers to reach them
2002 Warning: Psychiatry can be hazardous to your mental health
2003 Treating Mental Health as a Public Health Problem
2007 Eight Lessons For A Happier Marriage
2011 Take Charge of Your Life

Recommended Starting Points

CORE TEXT: Choice Theory
THERAPY: Reality Therapy in Action
EDUCATION: Every Student Can Succeed
MANAGEMENT: The Choice Theory Manager
RELATIONSHIPS: Getting Together and Staying Together
PARENTING: Unhappy Teenagers
PERSONAL WELLBEING: Take Charge of Your Life
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