Completing No Credit Appeal Form

Directions for Completing the No Credit Appeal Form

from Murray High School

1)Student/Course Information: Please note the course name, semester, and year. Also note your absences in the space provided. Check with Ms. Maupin to determine the number of absences you had during the semester in question. Include this number in your appeal. It could be useful in helping the Appeals Committee reach a decision in your case.
2)Missing Assignments: Review your last progress report/assignment sheet for the course you would like to appeal. Determine the projects/assignments you are required to complete. List the missing assignments below or attach a copy of this progress report/assignment sheet to your appeal. If you have already completed all of the assignments, please write “None” under “Missing Assignments.”
3)How Assignment Will be Completed: For every assignment or project that you are required to complete, explain how you plan to go about mastering the required skills, where you will find the necessary information, and how you will demonstrate your mastery. If you are missing class participation grades, scored discussion grades, workshop grades, field trip grades or some other project that requires working with a group or outside of the school, propose how you might gain the appropriate experience through another project. For instance, if you need to complete a scored discussion, you might organize such a discussion yourself, deciding upon a question related to the course, and tape recording the resulting debate. For students who have already completed the work, this column will be blank.
4)Expected Date of Completion: Create a timeline for completing the assignments and class, and note the dates in the space provided on the form. For students who have completed the work, please put the date the course was completed.
5)Essay: Write an essay and attach it to this form. Explain why you believe you did not receive credit for the course when you first took it. Included in your essay should be your rationale for why you believe you will succeed this time. All students appealing a “No Credit” must complete the essay.
6)All completed No Credit Appeals should be returned to Ms. Maupin.

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