In his latter years Dr. Glasser  gradually moved his focus from Realiity Therapy to Education and finally to Mental Health. He believed that most Mental Health professionals tend to focus on the absence of mental health even going so far as to speak of “mental illness”.

Glasser believed that Choice Theory provides excellent guidelines for the the development of a healthy mental life and he saw the promotion of this as one of the strengths of the William Glasser Institute.

He regarded Mental Health as a very important Public Health Issue and believed we can choose to create and promote our well being through public health means instead of concentrating on unproven methods to treat pathology.

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Download Defining Mental Health as a Public Health Issue.

The following downloadable document gives a brief example of how you might apply Choice Theory in your life to deal with a problem. Applying Choice Theory in Your Life


Our USA colleagues have set up a very useful website called Mental Health & Happiness and we recommend you to visit this.

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