No Credit Appeal Form

from Murray High School


Name of Student ______________________________ Course/Credit Being Appealed___________________

Semester/Year of Original Course________________ Number of Absences in the Class: _____ Excused _____Unexcused/Unverified


Missing Assignments How Assignment Will Be Completed Expected Date of Completion

Date You Expect to Complete the Course and Earn Credit _______________________

Please attach your essay to this form. All No Credit Appeal Forms should be returned to Ms. Maupin
Murray High School Student Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment of learning in an active learning environment is multifaceted. Participation, effort, content mastery and commitment to learning should all be considered. Learning may be assessed through the completion of projects, written or oral quizzes, or other tools that allow the student to demonstrate mastery. It is our goal to utilize a number of “authentic assessments” to evaluate student achievement. The grading scale is:

A 90-100
B 80- 89
NC No Credit (Yet)*

A student’s learning is said to be incomplete if he/she has not demonstrated mastery (through successful completion of projects, classwork, homework, tests, quizzes, and exams.) Students may not be exempted from the completion of any assignment, including semester exams. Additional time, instruction and/or alternate activities may facilitate mastery for some students. Students who choose not to succeed should be referred to the Choices teacher and/or the administrator.

If a student has not completed all required work satisfactorily at the end of the semester, he/she will receive an INCOMPLETE grade on the report card. At the end of a two-week period immediately following the end of the grading period, if the student has not completed the work to the level of at least a ‘B’, a NO CREDIT will be awarded. (At this point, teachers are responsible for filling out a CHANGE OF GRADE form and delivering it to the office.)

A grade of “No Credit” may be appealed by following the Appeals Procedure (see below). Students who wish to appeal a No Credit and complete the course may work with the teacher to determine the requirements and schedule for finishing incomplete work.

Progress reports and anecdotal report cards are valuable tools for communicating success and concerns to Murray students and their families. Interim progress reports will be sent home to all students at the halfway point in each nine weeks period. A form for these progress reports is included in the appendix.
Student Procedure for Appealing “No Credit”
Murray students who have received a grade of “No Credit” may appeal that grade by presenting a proposal for gaining credit to the teacher and principal. The proposal must follow the guidelines set out below in the Appeals Procedure Guidelines. Students may consult the guidance counselor if they have general questions regarding the procedures. Their ability to work out an appropriate course of study and/or projects to fulfill the requirements of the course is an important part of the appeals criteria. Once the teacher and principal have accepted a student’s appeal proposal, the student must meet with the appropriate faculty member to complete the work. From this point on, the student will continue to meet regularly with this faculty advisor, who will be in charge of assessing the student’s work and assigning a final course grade.
Appeals Procedure: Student Guidelines

1) Determine the projects you are required to complete.
2) Check with the guidance counselor and/or the school secretary to determine the number of absences you had during the semester in question. Include this number in your appeal. It could be useful in helping the Appeals Committee reach a decision in your case. Obviously, the more days you missed from the class, the more make-up work you must include in your proposal.
3) For every assignment or project that you are required to complete, explain how you plan to go about mastering the required skills, where you will find the necessary information, and how you will demonstrate your mastery.
4) If you are missing class participation grades, scored discussion grades, workshop grades, field trip grades or some other project that requires working with a group or outside of the school, propose how you might gain the appropriate experience through another project. For instance, if you need to complete a scored discussion, you might organize such a discussion yourself, deciding upon a question related to the course, and tape recording the resulting debate.
5) Create a time-line that explains when you will complete each assignment and when you will complete the entire course.
6) Write an essay explaining why you believe you did not receive credit for the course when you first took it. Included in your essay should be your rationale for why you believe you will succeed this time.

If the student misses an appointment without making arrangements with the faculty advisor and/or does not complete work by the deadlines agreed upon, and/or behaves inappropriately, the student will receive a “No Credit” for the course. This second “No Credit” may NOT be appealed.

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