History of Murray High School

Summer 1988 Founding Murray faculty train with Dr. William Abbott in the foundations of Reality Therapy and Control Theory (renamed Choice Theory in 1996).

1988 – 1998 Murray staff works to implement a school based on Reality Therapy and Control (Choice) Theory principles;

1998 – 1999 Murray staff makes the decision to rededicate themselves to the implementation of Reality Therapy and Choice Theory at Murray High School.

Several staff members take a Basic Intensive Week with Dr. William Abbott.

Murray staff meets regularly to discuss Dr. Glasser’s book, The Quality School, and begins to discuss whether we would like to become a Glasser Quality High School.

Murray staff works together to develop the Choices Program, an opportunity to introduce both students and teachers to the language of Choice Theory  through a Conflict Resolution/Mediation process.

Murray offers English Through Choice Theory to incoming students, a class which teaches introductory Choice Theory through a focus on literature,
writing, discussion and teambuilding skills.

Dr. Abbott works with entire Murray staff to revise the Murray vision and mission statements to accurately reflect the ideals of Choice Theory.

1999 – 2000 Murray staff and students work to raise money to attend the Declaration Ceremony  of Canterbury High School, the first Glasser Quality High School, in Montgomery, Alabama.

Murray students return from Alabama and encourage entire community to consider becoming a Glasser Quality Public High School, beginning an
ongoing school-wide discussion.

2000 – 2001 Students from Canterbury High School visit Murray and together the students and staff from both schools compose the Quality High School Manifesto, a statement of what a Quality High School is, from the students’ perspective.

Students from both Murray and Canterbury High Schools meet in Detroit, MI to present a workshop at the International Quality Schools Consortium
Conference. The Workshop highlights the Quality High School Manifesto and the process of becoming a Quality High School from the students’

Students return from Detroit and encourage the student body to continue the discussion about whether we should declare ourselves a Glasser Quality High School.

Murray faculty makes a formal decision to pursue a Quality High School declaration.

Dr. Abbott trains some Murray teachers in the next level of Reality Therapy/Choice Theory: The Basic Practicum.

Murray parents make a formal decision to pursue a Quality High School declaration.

Murray students meet throughout the month of May, 2001, to discuss the pros and cons of becoming a Glasser Quality High School.

After coming up with a compromise accepted by Dr. Glasser (regarding a gradual movement from 77% = competence to 80% = competence),
the student body unanimously decides to pursue a Quality High School Declaration.

Summer 2001 Some Murray staff members complete their Advanced Week in Reality Therapy and Choice Theory training, in Corning, NY, a Choice Community.

Sept. 2001 Dr. Glasser formally accepts our Declaration.

Murray students, staff and parents begin work in small groups to prepare for the Declaration, which is set for Friday, Oct. 12, 2001.

Fall 2001 Murray staff continues training: some staff move on to the Advanced Practicum and other staff members take the Basic Intensive Week.

Oct. 12, 2001 Dr. Glasser visits Murray High School to formally listen to our Declaration as a Quality High School.

Oct. 12 and on……. The Murray High School Community works together to honor and support our  status as a Glasser Quality High School and to live by the Quality High School Manifesto.

The Murray High School Community supports the efforts of all other interested schools to achieve their own declarations and helps move the world toward a Quality Education for All.

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