Practicum Coordinator Role

  1. Attend all WGII official meetings.
  2. Establish a clear role definition in conjunction with the National Executive Chairperson and Committee
  3. Maintain a portfolio for the role so that the job can be easily transferred to the next holder of the role
  4. Circulate Practicum Supervisors with notification and agenda and co-ordinate Practicum Supervisors meetings.
  5. Maintain WGII policy notes on practicum supervision, on fees and on other matters pertaining to supervisors, communicating any changes to Practicum Supervisors, to the WGII Office, and to the Website Manager.
  6. Maintain a full list of Practicum Supervisors and draw up and forward to the WGII Office annually a list of Supervisors who are full members and currently available for inclusion in Instructors’ packs.
  7. Send form to practising supervisors to ascertain numbers in practicum on time for the November meeting. Collate statistics regarding numbers of candidates in Practicum and their addresses. Bring this information to the WGII November meeting to aid planning of Advanced and Certification weeks.
  8. Ensure that all practising supervisors are sent (i) official practicum completion forms, (ii) evaluation forms, (iii) application forms for the next stage of training, to be distributed to the participants in practicum.
  9. Receive and answer enquiries about Practicum Supervision, ensuring that RT interns are helped contact available supervisors.
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