Advanced Training Course

On successful completion of the Basic Practicum trainees may apply to do an Advanced Course in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy.

AIMS: The focus of the Advanced Course is on applying CT/RT to the role of helping other people. While participants will continue to work on their integration of CT, and on self-evaluation, the skills development will focus on using CT/RT with clients.

REQUIREMENTS: Successful completion of a Basic Practicum. The candidate’s Basic Practicum Supervisor will forward a recommendation form to WGII.

HOURS: The Advanced Course in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy requires 30 hours in attendance.

CONTENT: The actual material covered in an Advanced Course will depend on the needs of the individual group and these will be considered in the first sessions of the course.

ROLE-PLAYS: These are used as a safe and ethical way of developing skills in Reality Therapy. Each candidate will be invited to play a counsellor role in several situations. Each will also be asked to play the part of a client and so will need to be ready to offer role-play clients to the other participants.

A role-play “client” should never be yourself and should not be a specific real person.  The role should be based on real life situations and be disguised so that nobody could possibly identify an individual.  At first the “client’s” story should also be a relatively simple one.

Much of the time during the 30 hours will be spent in role-play practice. A range of approaches to self-evaluation will be experienced, and giving and receiving feedback will be key to developing competency and confidence.

More advanced skills will be demonstrated and practiced in the context of the CT understanding of the client. There will be constant reference to Dr. Glasser’s Chart of the brain, and how it can help inform both the understanding of the client and the interventions that might best help him or her.

CHOICE THEORY APPLICATIONS: Participants will be offered the opportunity to deepen their understanding of CT by exploring its application to the range of issues that participants present during the course. In this way, the Advanced Course is tailored to meet the specific needs of each group. A deepening understanding of the application of CT in management roles or in education can be offered, depending on the needs of the group. Dr. Glasser’s ideas on mental Health will be explored.

ETHICS: Some time will be given to a consideration of the ethical issues involved in counselling.

RECORDINGS: Detailed processing of Dr. Glasser’s own recorded role-plays will normally be incorporated into the course.

CERTIFICATE: An official William Glasser International Certificate will be issued to those who successfully complete the Advanced Course. It is essential to be in attendance for the required number of hours. Successful candidates may then proceed to apply for Advanced Practicum leadning to full certification in CT/RT.


The fees for an advanced course are €395 per person. On completion of the application form, you will be provided with a link to the online shop to pay for the course. This will automatically entitle you to trainee membership of WGII for one year.

Course Application Form

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