Treasurer Role

  • Attend all WGII meetings
  • Establish a clear role definition in conjunction with the National Executive Chairperson and Committee
  • Maintain a portfolio for the role so that the job can be easily transferred to the next holder of the role
  • Take responsibility for WGII finances
  • Ensure that budgets are drawn up and followed
  • Be the account holder/addressee for WGII’s Bank account
  • Be one of the co-signatories of cheques for WGII
  • Be the final person to sign cheques on behalf of WGII and keep record of these
  • Liaise with the Bank
  • Monitor closely each month’s statement from the Bank
  • Ensure that any big changes in WGII accounts or trends are communicated to the National Executive
  • Arrange all necessary audits
  • Prepare annual report for the WGII AGM
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