Website Policy


The objectives of the web-site are:

  • to help spread information about Choice Theory and Reality Therapy
  • to provide news and ideas to those who are members of the Institute
  • to provide a forum for discussion of Choice Theory and related ideas
  • to provide a communication and resource scheme for WGII committee and faculty


To further its aims the web-site will endeavour to …

  • encourage people to learn Choice Theory
  • teach people about Choice Theory
  • teach people about Reality Therapy
  • teach people about Lead Management
  • inform people about publications and other resources which may help them learn or deepen their understanding of RT/CT
  • inform people about formal courses leading to Certification
  • inform members about formal courses for development of faculty
  • inform members about Branch activities and other formal events hosted by WGII
  • inform members about all WGII news and activities
  • inform members about the WGII office
  • provide trainee members with information about the availability of Practicum Supervisors following on information received from them
  • share group or learning aids provided by members


The primary emphasis of the web-site’s front end will be to promote Choice Theory to the general public.

This will mean providing the public with:

  • a clear summary of Choice Theory
  • information about the training process
  • information about the advantages of RT/CT training and related accreditation
  • details of forthcoming courses, venues and costs
  • an easy way to access training (e.g., online application)
  • information about RT/CT resources, books and articles
  • a clear professional and ethical image of WGII and its work
  • testimonials from people who have used Choice Theory

It will also require:

  • clear identification of our “markets”
  • specific strategies (e.g. timing of information release) for different markets
  • ongoing research into effectiveness of web-site in achieving our goals
  • pro-active promotion of our web-site


The web-site will advertise official events dealing with Reality Therapy, Choice Theory and Lead Management. This will include:

  • official WGII events including courses, seminars, meetings, conferences
  • official WGII branch events
  • free public talks about Reality Therapy, Choice Theory or Lead Management when given by WGI faculty

It will not …

  • advertise events that are not official or that do not deal with Reality Therapy, Choice Theory or Lead Management.
  • advertise on behalf of individuals.
  • issue unsolicited mail.


The web-site will publish …

  • all official documents of WGII
  • other informational material of use to the committee, faculty or members


The web-site will incorporate links to …

  • international and national bodies that are associates of WGI and to certain sites that contain information relevant to Dr. Glasser’s published ideas.


  • This person will be appointed by the National Committee of WGII.
  • The webmaster will be a certified member of WGII.
  • The webmaster will be in charge of the WGII web-site.
  • The webmaster will be responsible for:
    • negotiation with the Internet Service Provider
    • obtaining and maintaining WGII’s domain name
    • Supervising web-design and maintenance
    • relaying of messages received by the site to relevant committee members
    • deciding what may or may not be published on the web-site in accordance with the WGII policy
    • ensure that the web-site content and display is dignified, ethical and in accordance with the aims of WGII.
    • delegating tasks where appropriate
  • The webmaster will at all times:
    • respect the copyright and intellectual owner rights of any material displayed on the web-site
    • take all due precautions not to permit external interference in the web-site
    • never make available to others any e-addresses or other personal information supplied to the site or web-master without the explicit consent of the owner
    • take all steps necessary to prevent the automatic harvesting of e-mail addresses from the site.
    • seek ways of improving the quality of the site and the service it provides.
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