Professional Development Role

  • Attend all official WGII committee meetings.
  • Establish a clear role definition in conjunction with the National Executive Chairperson and Committee
  • Maintain a portfolio for the role so that the job can be easily transferred to the next holder of the role
  • Monitor recognition of counsellor training courses.
  • Liaise with special interest groups within WGII and creatively find ways of developing new initiatives.
  • Liaise with members to establish needs of members in regard to professional development.
  • Organise professional development programmes annually (including the Richard Pulk Seminar), based on the needs of the members.
  • Establishing a budget for each event
  • Booking venue.
  • Engaging Presenters
  • Arranging written agreements with presenters
  • Seeing to advertising.
  • Receiving applications.
  • Registering course.

This will include:
Maintaining links with other accrediting bodies.

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