Reality Therapy

Reality TherapyWilliam Glasser MD, an American Psychiatrist, created Reality Therapy in the 1960’s.  He continuted to develop its techniques, theory and wider applications throughout his life.

Reality Therapy is a method of counselling which teaches people how to direct their own lives, how to make more effective choices, and how to develop the strength to handle the stresses and problems of life.

The Nature of Reality Therapy

The core of Reality Therapy is the idea that regardless of what has “happened” in our lives, or what we have done in the past, we can choose behaviours that will help us meet our needs more effectively now and in the future.  The counsellor or therapist does not give direction or advice.  Instead he or she helps clients evaluate their own lives (“self-evaluation”) and make plans for change.

A Theoretical Base

In recent times Dr. Glasser had developed a theoretical base for Reality Therapy and this is Choice Theory psychology. He reached the conclusion that  the counsellor’s role was one of helping the client learn the principles of Choice Theory in his or her own life.  Glasser’s way of teaching this was to help clients see the power of choice in their own lives.

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Further information is available about training in Reality Therapy.

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