Those considering Faculty Training must be certified and applications will normally not be considered until at least one year after their Certification.

As a first step it is essential to read the latest Policies and Procedure Manual to find out about the latest requirements for training as faculty.  (The Policies and Procedure Manual is normally issued during Certification training.)  The manual also outlines the different stages of training for supervisors and instructors.

It is important that those who apply for faculty training should have made a detailed self-evaluation of their suitability for a teaching/supervising role. To assist in this interested parties are required by WGI to contact a Faculty Programme Consultant who will act in a supervisory role throughout their training.

As a general rule Faculty Training courses in Ireland are held during the summer months but all trainee faculty are expected to meet other requirements of an experiential nature as outlined in the Policies and Procedures Manual.  Because of these pre-course requirements those interested in becoming faculty are recommended to become aware of the requirements well in advance of applying for a course.

All enquiries about faculty training should be made to the WGII Office.