The Next Step

The Next StepThe next step is yours!

You could say that this statement is Choice Theory psychology in a nutshell.  William Glasser believes we choose almost everything we do and right now that means the next step.

The government might be to blame for the mess you find yourself in.  Yes, but the next step is yours.  Will you write to them, run a campaign or just go ahead and fix whatever is messed up?

Things might not be going well between yourself and  your nearest and dearest.  That other person might be blaming you for lots of things or making your life difficult in many ways.  Still, the next step is yours.  Do you think things have gone too far or will you arrange a chat at a quiet time?  Whatever the plan, the next step is yours.

When times get tough, it’s time to talk!

Even when things come to a complete standstill and there seems to be no solution, none at all, the next step is still yours.  Waiting might help.  Maybe you could talk to someone.  Maybe it might not work out.  Maybe it will.  Whether you choose to do nothing or make some change in your approach, the decision is yours; the next step is yours.

Someone might be able to help with counselling or information.  In that case, reaching out to them is the next step, your next step.

The power of choice is in your hands.

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