Advanced Training Course

The Advanced Week is open only to those who have completed a Basic Week and Basic Practicum. The goal of such a week is to help the trainees integrate the different knowledge and skills into their own personal style.

Following the principles of the Glasser Quality School the course is very much needs driven and so there is constant checking that the participants are getting the information and skills that they require.

Information about forthcoming advanced weeks will be displayed in the members’ section (as these courses are only open to those who have completed Basic training).


The fees for an open course are €395 per person. This may be paid through the online shop.


Course Application Form

  • Basic Course in November A Basic Course in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy is planned for two week-ends in November and to take place in the Dublin region. Dates are 11th-12th November and 25th-26th November.  The course will run subject to have a minimum of 6 participants.  The maximum number will be 12.  For further information please phone 085 7878539 or use the Course Application Form. Recent Basic Weekers with faculty member Norah Finn in June 2017.
  • Refresher Workshop FREE WORKSHOP Saturday 23rd September Skylon Hotel, Drumcondra, Dublin This workshop attracted a total of 24 persons and was very successful.  Many of those present had studied Reality Therapy/Choice Theory in a variety of settings, not necessarily the offical WGI courses but all shared the enthusiasm for Choice Theory ideas.  This might be a project worth considering in other parts of the country.  Hopefully many of those present will also attend the Annual Conference in Naas on 7th October next.
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