As with the Basic Practicum, the Advanced Practicum requires 40 hours attendance to complete. 26 hours are with the Practicum Supervisor, and 14 hours are unsupervised peer work. The Practicum normally is held on Saturdays, from September to May.

Having worked to internalise the Choice Theory model into their own lives, participants now begin to learn how to apply the model to help others. The aim of the Practicum is to develop competency in using Reality Therapy/Choice Theory to the level required for Reality Therapy Certification. The Advanced Practicum uses role-play practice to develop the skills required for counselling with Choice Theory, or Reality Therapy. Participants need to have a client base, where they interact with people who seek help with their lives. Through role-play, demonstration by the Supervisor, watching Dr. Glasser and others use the model on DVD, case review and discussion, they become competent in using the Reality Therapy/Choice Theory model with a variety of client problems. They continually self-assess their progress, in a process of co-evaluation with the Supervisor. If both agree that competence has been achieved by the end of the Practicum, the Supervisor recommends them for the Certification Week.

The participants also continue reading Dr. Glasser’s work, and make presentations to their group on aspects that interest them.

  • The participants write critical reviews of two more of Dr. Glasser’s books chosen in consultation with the Advanced Practicum Supervisor. The reviews reflect on the meaning and impact the books have on their own lives and work.
  • Over the course of the year they submit six Case Studies, showing how they used Reality Therapy/Choice Theory with a range of clients. The Practicum Supervisor gives feedback on the Case Studies, working with the participant to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Choice Theory and to develop their skills using Reality Therapy in counselling relationships.
  • They keep a journal of their application of Choice Theory to their personal life and relationships.

The aim of the Advanced Practicum is to prepare participants for Certification Week, which is a 30 hour programme during which participants demonstrate their understanding of Choice Theory psychology and their competence in using Choice Theory in counselling and lead management in order to be awarded the Reality Therapy Certificate from WGI. They will demonstrate their competence using the model with both familiar and unfamiliar clients.

As part of the Certification process is a brief presentation by each participant of some aspect of Choice Theory, Reality Therapy or Lead Management, there will be time give during the Practicum to developing the presentations for Certification Week.

During the Practicum, there is ongoing co-evaluation of the participants’ progress on the road to competency, and it is necessary for the Advanced Practicum Supervisor to sign off on each participant at the end of the Practicum, recommending them for attendance at Certification Week.

  • Places are limited to 6 persons per group.
  • Supervisors may be willing to travel to facilitate a group
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Please note: A cancellation fee of €100 will be charged if the course is cancelled by the participant within 3 weeks prior to the course start date.


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