Terms and Conditions


All information relating to our customers will be treated with confidentiality. Personal and other details requested through our online shop will be used only for administering your orders and will not be issued to any third parties. Credit card details are never made known to WGII personnel; these are handled by PayPal or STRIPE in their secure environments.

At no time will our customers ever receive a request from us, from PayPal or STRIPE to forward login or password information by email or through email links. Emails with such requests should be regarded as false.  In the case of any doubt you should connect manually to our web-site by typing it its address (that is, do not use links supplied by third parties).

If you cannot remember your account login password there is a link on our website that  will send an email to your address with the relevant information. WGII personnel have no access whatsoever to your account password. (We can change it but we cannot see it!)


  • The WGII Online Shop is intended to be used only for the purposes of getting information about our products and services or placing orders.
  • WGII reserves editorial rights over all comments displayed on our site.
  • To make purchases on our site you must be over 18 years of age and have valid use of the credit card or PayPal details you enter or use.
  • WGII reserves the right to close or block an account at any time.
  • PAYMENT: All payments for items and shipping will be made in Euros.
  • Onscreen displays in any other currency are approximations we provide for the benefit of our clients and we cannot guarantee the current accuracy of the exchange rates used.
  • Opening an account with our online shop implies acceptance of these conditions.


All requested products and services will be delivered from the Republic of Ireland using standard postal rates based on the address of the recipient. Packaging and handling costs will be added to this.

Normally items in stock will be dispatched within 24 hours of WGII receiving an order and payment clearance.


If an item arrives in a damaged condition please contact WGII (link at bottom left of website).

If a reservation for a course place has been made and you notify WGII of your wish to cancel your booking, any full fee paid will be refunded up to one week before the start date of the course and any deposit of the fee will be refunded up to two weeks before the start date of the course.  No refunds can be made if WGII is notified of a cancellation within one week of the start date of the course.


The Credit Card option is in fact using STRIPE, an excellent and perfectly safe way of paying by credit card online.  Although your credit card details appear to be entered on our site they are in fact only readable by STRIPE.


When you have actually paid for an order you will get clear onscreen information about your purchase and your payment.  This will be followed by emails providing the same information.

Further help about making payments can be found on our Payment Help Page.

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