Editor Notes

As an EDITOR  you are permitted to make postings to the website.  You are also permitted to edit postings and pages.

You will see an extra EDIT link on each item you are permitted to edit.

Thank you for taking on this role on our website.


On any posting or page you are entitled to edit you will see EDIT somewhere on the screen (usually at bottom left).

Click this and then edit the text as required.

Click UPDATE on the right sidebar.

As soon as you update a page the new version becomes public!

[NOTE: you may also edit pages via the DASHBOARD.]


When you open a page for editing, if you do not see any text you may need to click on USE ELEMENTOR.  ELEMENTOR is a particular editing utility that allows great control over the contents of a page.  It is slow to load up!  We are using this on a limited number of pages.


When you log on you will see Posting Page included in the links on your welcome panel on the right of the screen.

Click on that link and it will take you to a special page for contributing a post to the website.

Note that any images you upload should be smaller than one megabyte.

After submitting a post you are strongly recommended to check it immediately on the home page and edit it if necessary.


[NOTE: you may also add new posts via the DASHBOARD.]


  1. Go to the site dashboard. There are two ways of doing this. (1) Click on the W at top left and then click on POSTS or (2) use this DASHBOARD LINK.
  2. At the top of the POSTS screen click on NEW POST.
  3. Give this a title.
  4. Type in your text (and format it as you wish).
  5. On the right sidebar click on any categories you wish this post to be included in.  Some categories (e.g., COURSES, PSYCHOTHERAPY, will also be listed in relevant pages on our site.)
  6. In the REQUIRE MEMBERSHIP section of the sidebar you can restrict access to this content if you wish. (Normally not required.)
  7. When your post is ready click UPDATE in the right sidebar.
  8. To return to the website, click on WGII on the top toolbar.

Regarding POSTS, it is generally not a good idea to edit posts except to correct mistakesor make minor adjustments in them.  Posts are time-stamped and will appear in chronological order.  If you have fresh news, you need a fresh post.  Stale posts can be erased.  Don’t erase any that might have historical interest for our viewers.  A post is used for short uptodate announcements whereas the pages are used for more long-term information.


This can be done in the DASHBOARD.

If creating a new page remember the following:
  • The Title will become the heading for that page.
  • It will also be part of the URL for that page.
  • If you want to incorporate the page into a menu then the title should be short as some browsers do not show full-length menu titles.

These notes do not cover the matter of how to link pages into existing MENUS.  We might get to that topic later.

For the moment DO NOT ERASE PAGES as these may have internal links from other parts of our website.  If you want a page remove let me (Brian) know.


As an editor, your log in gives very powerful access to our website so don’t leave the door open!

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