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The following form enables you to send a post directly to the website’s home page.  For that reason it should be used with caution.

  • Enter a title that will catch people’s attention and sum up the message.
  • Enter tags that will help people find this post in a search.  Separate tags using commas.  (e.g., course, choice theory, Glasser, education)
  • The anti-spam question is to ensure that robotic web programs cannot upload posts to our site!  It will not appear in your posting.  Just answer it!
  • Choose the category that best suits the post you are sending.  All Course info should be in the Courses category.
  • If you use images in the post, adjust the size and position before submitting the post. (Max size is 1Mb)
  • Later, if you wish to edit your posting, go to the home page and, if logged on, you should be able to edit the posting there.

REMEMBER: Once you click SUBMIT, whatever you have written goes straight to our web page and is visible around the world.


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