European Association for Reality Therapy

EART is an assocation of member organisations of William Glasser International in Europe.  Current members of EART include Bosnia Herzogovina, Croatia,  Finland, Ireland, Malta, Slovenia and the UK.



We are very happy to report that there has been a successful conclusion to the efforts of EART President Leon Lojk to have Reality Therapy recognised as a scientifically validated psychotherapy by the European Association for Psychotherapy.

This was achieved at the EAP meeting in Tirana, Albania, on October 20th, 2007, where EART was recognised as a European Wide Organisation in the EAP. Recognition as an EWO requires that the therapy is recognised as scientifically valid, and that there are national associations in at least six European countries. (EART has six members at present: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Ireland, Finland, Great Britain, and Slovenia.)

Welcome although this recognition was, EART President Leon Lojk, and EART Secretary Boba Lojk continued to work hard to achieve one final goal: To be recognised as a European Wide Awarding Organisation (EWAO) within the EAP. This would allow EART to award the European Certificate in Psychotherapy (ECP) to those who complete a course of training in RT/CT beyond the level of RT Certification. To achieve the ECP, a candidate must (a) have a university degree (or equivalent) in the human or social sciences; (b) complete WGI Certificate training in RT/CT; (c) work with people who need psychotherapeutic interventions; and (d) complete a further three year programme of training in RT/CT, delivered under the auspices of EART by WGI faculty who already have the ECP. In all, 2070 sessions of training are required (not including the university degree). This includes 300 sessions of theory, 170 sessions of training of self-evaluation, connecting and therapeutic skills, 1150 hours placement in work with clients in public (medical and social), private or voluntary institutions, with 200 hours of this practice supervised, and 250 sessions of personal psychotherapeutic experience, which included personal therapy and personal development experiences.

It was important that EART should become an Awarding Organisation for the ECP because it would then be possible to have professionally recognised Reality Therapists trained to the highest European standards. This was achieved on June 13th, 2008, at the EAP meeting in Brussels, Belgium, where EART was awarded EWAO status. Leon and Boba were supported at the Brussels meeting by John Brickell (UK) and Jimmie Woods and Arthur Dunne (Ireland). It was a wonderful moment when the EAP Committee agreed to us becoming an EWAO, and we chose to continue the wonder of the moment into a late night of celebration in downtown Brussels!

Our next step is to continue the development of the ECP programme in RT/CT, which is already being offered in Slovenia and Croatia. We will have an EART Faculty Retreat in Dubrovnik (Croatia) next September, when representatives of all EART countries will work together to advance the project.


Thanks to the work of the European Association of Reality Therapy WGII is now hoping to organise a post-Certification course for our members. This is still at an early stage of planning but all those Certified in Reality Therapy are recommended to log in to see the Members’ page for further details.

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