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What Do You Really Want?

Have you ever just stopped and asked yourself, “what do I really want?” Our days are full of wants. We want this or that for breakfast, want to catch the bus, want to buy new shoes, want to watch the …

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Certification 2021

WGII welcomes a brand new group of certified candidates for 2021! After many hours of online training and certification presentations, the group was finally able to assemble in person in Terenure College on the 10th of October 2021 together with …

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Simulated Interview with Dr. Glasser

An astonishingly creative and accurate way of presenting Dr. Glasser’s ideas! That is what Dr. James Overholser has achieved in his three-part simulated interview with Dr. Glasser. This material was originally published in the Irish Journal of Counselling & Psychotherapy …

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More Guidance Counsellor Training

Eleven more Guidance Counsellors finished Basic RT/CT training with Instructor Jimmie Woods. This online version of the standard Basic Training for Reality Therapy/Choice Theory started on the 9th of November and finished on the 11th December. The participants were mainly …

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Basic Course with Brian Lennon November 2020

Guidance Counsellors’ Basic Course

A Basic RT/CT Course was held onlne for guidance counsellors from Wexford, Waterford and Kildare the 7th to the 24th November 2020. Sixteen brave souls ventured into the world of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy guided by instructor Brian Lennon. …

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Tiglin Basic Course

On behalf of myself, and The William Glasser Institute Ireland, I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to this wonderful group of people at #Tiglin Addiction Services for successfully completing their Basic Intensive Training in Glasserian Psychology today. We …

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20th Annual Convention

Clice READ MORE below to find out about this exciting event, our 20th Annual Convention!

Online Training at WGII

We will be offering our intensive training in Reality Therapy/Choice Theory online from now on. This course is a stand-alone course that will give you ideas and skills that you can begin to use immediately in your work and life.

Reality Therapy: Theory & Practice

Authored by Boba Lojk and her late husband Leon Lojk. Completion of the book became a labour of love for Boba after Leon passed away in 2014.

Choice Theory for Kids

Choice Theory for Kids!

Under the leadership of Norah Finn, she and her staff members have put together a series of online videos to introduce Choice Theory psychology to children.

Zoom meeting with Russian group

Choice Theory in Russia

On Wednesday 6th May, our Russian faculty member, Sergey Bogolepov, had a meeting with some of his students and invited Brian Lennon to attend.

Terry Lynch

Dr. Glasser invited Dr. Terry Lynch to write the foreword to his 2003 book, “Warning: Psychiatry can be Hazardous to your Mental Health”. Since then we have come to know that Dr. Lynch’s ideas are very highly compatible with the …

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