Venues for Courses

The following are suggested as ideal requirements and are not absolute.


ideally a room of approximately 40 square metres (eg. 6m x 6m)
access to the room for at least 30 minutes before and after course times
quiet undisturbed atmosphere in and around the room
reasonably bright interior
comfortable level of warmth for seated trainees
comfortable seats for the trainees and instructor
three tables are an advantage but not essential
flip-chart, over-head projector, video and TV are needed but we can supply these if necessary


ideally car-parking facilities for up to 13 people
access to simple coffee/tea-making facilities
in-house or near-by lunch facilities
access to toilets
photo-copying facilities nearby


Courses are given to adults usually ranging from 12 to 6 with one instructor.
Participants are from a mixture of backgrounds.
Course consists of mixture of lectures, counselling role-plays, presentations and activities.

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