The William Glasser Institute Ireland is planning on having a convention on Saturday 7th October 2023. Before setting things in motion we wish to ask your opinion about the format of the event and would very much like to hear from you via the survey below. Please submit your responses before 20th April if possible.

Please indicate above which format of convention you would prefer. (If you have an idea for an "other" format, please outline that in the Comments section below.)
Please tick the option that comes closest to your present intentions.
Kindly indicate which workshop topics you would most like to attend in a convention. You may tick as many topics as you wish and you can add further ideas below.
Feel free to add ideas for topics of interest here.
If you yourself are interested in presenting a workshop please give a brief description here.
You may have ideas for the format of the convention, location, topics etc. that were not covered above.
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