Quality Schools in Action

A workshop held in Dublin on 15th October 2008 organised by

the William Glasser Institute Ireland

A special opportunity to hear first-hand accounts of the workings of a Glasser Quality School from two very different colleges that follow these revolutionary ideas developed by William Glasser M.D., author of “Schools Without Failure”, “The Quality School” and “Every Student Can Succeed”. The approach is based on Glasser’s Choice Theory. Full commitment to the Glasser Quality School philosophy requires meeting six conditions and both schools here have already reached and maintained these goals for seven years:

  1. Relationships are based on trust and respect and all discipline problems, not incidents, have been eliminated.
  2. Total Learning Competence is stresssed and an evaluation that is below competence or what is now a “B” has been eliminated. All “schooling” as defined by Glasser has been replaced by useful education.
  3. All students do some Quality Work each year that is significantly beyond competence.
  4. Students and staff are taught to use Choice Theory in their lives and in their work in school. Parents are encouraged to participate in study groups to become familiar with Choice Theory ideas.
  5. Students do better on state proficiency tests and college entrance examinations.
  6. Staff, students, parents and administrators view the school as a joyful place.

Murray High School, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. This is a charter school catering for teenagers who have dropped out of mainstream education and/or who have not reached their qualification potential. The workings of Murray HS are presented by nine current students and National Board certified teacher Charlotte Wellen who was a co-founder of the school.

OŠ Preserje Pri Radomljah is a Slovenian school dealing with children from early childhood to mid teens. Its Glasser Quality School approach is described by its principal Ana Nuša Kern.

Introduction (2 mins)

Choice Theory (9 mins)

Murray High School Students (11 mins)

Murray High School Questions (37 mins)

Murray High School Activities (61 mins)

A Slovenian Quality School (29 mins)

Murray HS Results & Resources (56 mins)

Quality School Forum (41 mins)

Closure & Credits (10 mins)

All videos ©William Glasser Institute Ireland 2008

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