As chairperson of WGII, it is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to our WGII Convention 2021. It is our twentieth Convention and is special for other reasons too. Because COVID put us online this year, we have been able to put together a programme of international presenters, which gives you access to some of the best thinkers and practitioners at the cutting edge of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy today.

When our ability to meet our needs, especially our love and belonging need, has been so compromised by the public health measures required to combat COVID, we can see more clearly than ever the power of Choice Theory in helping us to minimise the frustration of important quality world pictures, and in helping us use our creative system to find new and effective ways to meet our needs. This we have done in putting together our Convention this year, and we look forward to welcoming you when you join us on Saturday.

Arthur Dunne

Chairperson, WGII 

This page is reserved for all convention registrants, those who were present at the convention and those who have joined us afterwards.

RECORDINGS: The boxes in YELLOW below contain links to the videos of the Opening and Presentations.



OPENING OF THE CONVENTION by our WGII Chairperson, Arthur Dunne and musical interlude by Zoë Conway and John McIntyre.

Zoë Conway and John McIntyre

We were delighted to have at our opening ceremony one of the champion duos of traditional Irish music, Zoë Conway and John McIntyre. Zoë Conway was voted Folk Musician of the Year by our national broadcaster in 2020. Zoë has played all around the world including Carnegie Hall and the Kremlin Palace.


ROOM A: Business Applications of Choice Theory in Times of Crisis – Shigeru Homma (Japan)

ROOM B: Don’t underestimate the power of the Feeling Wheel! – Arthur Dunne (Ireland)

ROOM C: Fibromyalgia Case Study – Dubravka Stijacic (Croatia)


ROOM A: The Fuzzy Logic of Choice – Brian Lennon (Ireland)

ROOM B: Using Metaphor and Story- Ken Lyons (Ireland)

ROOM C: Mental Freedom – Kim Olver (USA)


ROOM A: The Nuts of the Feeling Wheel in Total Behaviour – Andrea Polanco (Colombia)

ROOM B: The power that comes from listening to the client’s story – Sr Claire Sweeney (Ireland)

ROOM C: How to Flourish in Our Highly Distracting World – Lynn Sumida & Jeff Brown (Canada)


ROOM A: New Process Glasser Quality Schools/ Choice Theory Schools – Bette Blance (New Zealand)

ROOM B: Formulation in Reality Therapy – Boba Lojk (Slovenia)

ROOM C: All behaviour is purposeful. What does this mean for us in our work? – Jimmie Woods (Ireland)


Informal session. This was not recorded.


These recordings will be accessible to all those who have registered for the convention. The video platform often links to other video recordings and WGII has no control or responsiblity with regard to those.

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