Choice Theory Intro

Choice Theory psychology is a new explanation of human behaviour. It challenges many traditional views about human behaviour:

          • how we live our lives
          • how we relate to others
          • how we interpret “mental illness”
          • how we understand education
          • how we view management

Reality Therapy is the counselling approach based on Choice Theory psychology.

Learning Choice Theory psychology can give a whole new perspective on life:

          • learn new ways to live our lives
          • find more satisfactory ways to deal with the relationships in our lives
          • get a deeper and more hopeful understanding of mental distress
          • discover an alternative to many of the destructive practices in education
          • explore a more satisfactory and productive approach to management

Our courses have a broad appeal as they can help people at an individual level as well as in relationships (partners, children, students, workers).  WGII is the official training body in Ireland authorised by William Glasser International  for courses in Reality Therapy and Choice Theory psychology.

The William Glasser Institute Ireland is a non-profit making body established in 1987 to help plan and co-ordinate courses in Reality Therapy, Choice Theory psychology, Quality School Education, Lead Management and Personal Well-being. Our goal is to help people improve the quality of their personal lives and relationships through the promotion and teaching of Choice Theory psychology.

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