Expenses/Fees Claim Form

After completing an official WGI course (Basic, Advanced , Certification or Faculty Training) please complete this form.

Click on the item (training, event or meeting) for which you wish to claim expenses and/or fees.
The names of trainees only needs to be supplied in the case of Basic or Advanced Practicum.
Please indicate starting date and finishing date (if different)
e.g., Education Centre, Drumcondra; Online.
€900 for Intensive course, €950 for double-weekend course, €254/day for Faculty Training programme. Practicum fee depends on the number of trainees in the group. Please provide the total fee you are claiming.
UCD residence €40/day, Hotel €100/day. Please enter the total for your stay.
Please give the title and address of any accommodation venue if accommodation expenses are claimed.
40c/km, minimum claim €5. Please enter the total cost for your journeys.
Please enter the total cost.
Please enter the details and costs.
IMPORTANT: Please enter the total of all the above expenses (in Euros).
This code is not required for money transfers within the Republic of Ireland
Please enter this carefully. Double check it.

Remember to click SUBMIT.

The form will be sent to the WGII person in charge of courses.

TECHNICAL NOTE: For security purposes we use reCAPTCHA in our forms. If reCAPTCHA blocks your form, use your browser’s refresh option to continue.

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