Course Registration Form

This form is to be completed by the organiser of a course or event and, when submitted, will be sent to WGI.

Please enter the date in this format "20 JUNE 2019".
Please enter the date in this format "20 JUNE 2019".
Full name and address of venue for course or event. E.g., "Royal Hotel, Swords, Co Dublin"
Indicate the venue name as it should appear on the certificate. If the venue is an institution that issues its own qualifications, the name should be presented in such a way as to avoid any impression that the WGI certificate is issued by them.
Name of the city or town where the course or event is held.
Full name of the WGI qualified person who will lead this course or event. If this is not yet decided enter UNKNOWN.
Enter the fee in Euros that is being charged to each participant.
If this course is recognised for CPD points, please add a note about this here.
The data collected here will be used only for the organisation and publicising of this course.
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