Course Attendance Proposal

1. AIMS:

To clarify the time requirements for courses and policies regarding variations on these.
To safeguard the quality of WGII courses and the collaborative learning process.
To be fair to all trainees.
To make adequate allowance for unforeseen emergencies.


All official RT/CT courses will be run with due regard for the minimum hours specified by WGI International.
WGII may require additional hours but these must be clarified in advance to participating faculty and candidates.
In advance notice to participating faculty and trainees, the starting time and other time details of the course will be specified. Once a course has begun, modifications to the times depend on a consensus of the group members provided the overall time requirements are adhered to.


In the event of an unforeseen emergency, any trainee unable to be present for any part of a course up to total of 3 hours absence should consult with the instructor to plan how to make up missed time and work during the course.
If an absence  exceeds 3 hours, the person may continue the course but will not be credited for the course until they have made up the missed hours on another course.


A certificate may not be issued for a course before all requirements of the course are met.
Attendance at the graduation ceremony is an required integral part of Certification week and no final Certificate will be issued in advance of this ceremony.

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