Convention Schedule

Those who have registered for the convention should log in and then go to the PARTICIPANTS’ page.

Please use this information to plan the workshops you wish to attend on Saturday 20th March 2021.

  • If you are not familiar with Zoom we recommend you get some practice in advance of the convention.
  • We also recommend you sign on at 14:00 Dublin time to ensure you have made good connections to the convention.
  • Take note of the Room for each of the workshops you wish to attend.
  • You can only attend one workshop in any given hour.
  • More detailed information on all workshops contents and presenters is available at
  • Our overseas visitors can check Dublin time here: Note that, on 20th March 2021, this is the same as UTC.


At midnight on 10th March we reached full capacity for our opening ceremony. That means that those registering later will be unable to attend the opening but will have access to all the workshops starting at 15:00 UTC.


ROOM A: Arrivals, checking your connections, networking. At 14:30 (13:30 UTC) we have the OPENING OF THE CONVENTION finishing at 14:45 (13:45 UTC)

Our online convention will officially open at 14:30 and we are delighted to announce that one of the champions of traditional Irish music will play a piece of our beautiful music for you. Zoë Conway was voted Folk Musician of the Year by our national broadcaster in 2020.



ROOM A: Business Applications of Choice Theory in Times of Crisis – Shigeru Homma (Japan)

ROOM B: Don’t underestimate the power of the Feeling Wheel! – Arthur Dunne (Ireland)

ROOM C: Fibromyalgia Case Study – Dubravka Stijacic (Croatia)


ROOM A: The Fuzzy Logic of Choice – Brian Lennon (Ireland)

ROOM B: Using Metaphor and Story– Ken Lyons (Ireland)

ROOM C: Mental Freedom – Kim Olver (USA)


ROOM A: The Nuts of the Feeling Wheel in Total Behaviour – Andrea Polanco (Colombia)

ROOM B: The power that comes from listening to the client’s story – Sr Claire Sweeney (Ireland)

ROOM C: How to Flourish in Our Highly Distracting World – Lynn Sumida & Jeff Brown (Canada)


ROOM A: New Process Glasser Quality Schools/ Choice Theory Schools Bette Blance (New Zealand)

ROOM B: Formulation in Reality Therapy – Boba Lojk (Slovenia)

ROOM C: All behaviour is purposeful. What does this mean for us in our work? – Jimmie Woods (Ireland)


ROOM A: Brief follow-up networking session for those interested.

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