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DATE: Saturday 7th October 2023 at the Sandymount Hotel, Dublin.


We had a total of seven presentations and those attending the convention will have a choice at each of the three workshop slots. Workshop 1b will incorporate two presentations.

Workshop 1a: Latest trends and research findings in bereavement counselling. How does Glasser’s thinking fit in? – Ken Lyons

In recent years there has been a tsunami of research into the area of bereavement and loss counselling. It has resulted in an evidence based approach to practice in this important field. This presentation will review the work of Dr. William Glasser and show how his thinking is being supported by emerging findings, particularly in the area of complicated grief.

Ken Lyons is a faculty member of WGII and has presented at conventions in Ireland since the start. He has also presented in Slovenia and at WGI conferences in the USA. He has always tried to integrate a Choice Theory approach into his teaching, counselling and supervising, but the area of bereavement seemed to present a particular difficulty. Modern research has changed all that.

Workshop 1b (i): Developing leadership in our schools using a Choice Theory/Reality Therapy approach – Ann Mannion

This workshop is a sample of highly successful training with our senior mentors who help to create and build quality connections within our school community. This interactive workshop uses Choice Theory and Lead Management applied to mentor training with teenagers. Key elements include: building a quality mentoring community in school, enhancing communication skills, getting into the first years shoes, applying the language of Choice Theory, Solving Circles, Self-Evaluation.

Ann Mannion has worked as a Guidance Counsellor in a busy, highly diverse post primary school. Her work has been strongly influenced and enhanced by her training in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy. She has blended this influence into every aspect of both her work and personal life.

Workshop 1b (ii):Somatic Work in the Doing – Adrienne Perdue

Adrienne is a mental health nurse and practitioner of eft – emotional freedom technique. Adrienne will demonstrate how working with a somatic, bottom up approach within total behaviour can change physiology and feelings.

Adrienne Perdue has been a mental health nurse for over 30 years and is interested in the Why behind our behaviours- the reasons we think and act as we do. Supporting people practically to live their lives is the core of her philosophy. Adrienne has two incredible grown up daughters and 3 dogs who help her practice choice theory daily!

Workshop 2a: How Omega 3 deficiency can be damaging to our mental health – Patrick Coughlan

An overview of the role that nutrition plays in our mental health with particular emphasis on the effects of Omega 3 deficiency. Introduction to the internationally recognised HS- Omega-3 Index that identifies our Omega 3 levels and the ratio of Omega 3: 6 plus a graph of the results of 60 individuals who have shared their test results. The variation in the results, the choices that they made and the outcomes will be open for elaboration, debate and questions. A few samples of the finger prick test will be available at cost for those interested. A copy of a recent Academic/Research Article by Jayne Leonard published in the IACP Summer 2023 edition of The Irish Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, “Does nutrition have a place in the therapy room?” will also be available.

Patrick Coughlan has had a lifetime interest in the mind and mental health issues and he first met Dr William Glasser when he was launching Choice Theory in 1998. He was poultry farming in Carrigaline at the time and became an instant fan. In 2006 he completed RT Certification and in 2009 graduated with a Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy from IICP Kilinarden remaining on the Board of the Village Counselling Service until 2017. He is a board member of the Carrigaline Family Support Centre since 2015. He has been long committed to sharing the research he has gathered on the role of Omega 3 in in our wellbeing and teaches it as a means of enjoying optimal physical and mental health.

Workshop 2b: Conflict and Choice Theory/Reality Therapy – Faustina McLoughlin

In this workshop Faustina discusses conflict and Reality Therapy by bringing the story of Francesca to life (as documented in the book Choice Theory, 1998). She demonstrates how Dr. William Glasser supports Francesca in managing a very painful and frustrating relationship. She showcases how Dr. Glasser leads Francesca in the direction of a third option, that is not in conflict with her quality world pictures and which leads her in the direction of satisfying the same need/needs by the one that is in conflict.

Faustina McLoughlin is currently working as Guidance Counsellor in St. Mel’s College, Longford. She has a vision that teenagers of today are involved in the decision making and formation of a school that they want to be part of. Her vision allows students to put school in their quality world. She has a beautiful daughter Matilda (5) and they have so much fun together. She has recently joined Mothers and Others, and her goal is to kick a ball over the bar before the season is out.

Workshop 3a: The way counsellors think of client issues: The way clients think of their own issues – Jimmie Woods

The workshop will look at the implications of a pathologising versus non-pathologising approach to thinking about clients. We will look at the “death” of the serotonin hypothesis and at movements such as “Drop the Disorder”. It looks like a timely moment to remind ourselves again of what Choice Theory has to offer!

Jimmie Woods is an ECP (“European Certificate in Psychotherapy”) holder and Senior Faculty member of WGI. He worked as a Guidance Counsellor for over 30 years and continues to work as a supervisor. He also works in a drop-in counselling centre. He has presented at a number of previous conventions. He lives in Ballaghaderreen.

Workshop 3b: Artificial Intelligence and Counselling – Brian Lennon

After a short introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Brian will point out some of the advantages and disadvantages (including dangers) for this advancing technology in the counselling area.

Brian Lennon did his Basic training with Dr. Glasser and has been an advanced instructor since 1989. He worked as a guidance counsellor and psychologist until retiring in 2009. He is founder and Chairperson Emeritus of William Glasser International. He is a Fellow of the William Glasser Institute Ireland and a Fellow of the Irish Institute of Guidance Counsellors. He recently published “The Practice of Reality Therapy” and “The Practice of Choice Theory Psychology” as well as editing the “Choice Theory in Action Series”.


If you require further information about our event please use our CONVENTION QUERY FORM.


VENUE: Sandymount Hotel, Herbert Road, Sandymount, Dublin 4, D04 VN88

  • Tel: 01-6142000 (anyone seeking overnight accommodation should contact the hotel directly)
  • Coordinates 53.333415,-6.223882
  • Train Station 5 minute walk (Landsdowne Road Station)
  • Aircoach Bus Stop 10 minute walk (Dublin Airport 14Km)
  • Dublin Bus 4, 7, 7A. 10 minute walk
  • Car: free car parking (on first come basis)

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