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The purpose of this page is to draw together a number of pieces of information that may be particularly useful to those who are newly certified in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy. More details about most of these items will be found on the website (www.wgii.ie)

Local Branch Membership

After Certification you are a full member of WGII and have free membership up to the end of the next calendar year. Membership entitles you to receive newsletters and other circulars from WGII, to participate in local branches and attend WGII events, sometimes with a special discount. You will belong to the branch you specify at Certification Week and the branch committee will notify you, usually in early autumn, about branch meetings. The newsletter will update you on many of the events listed here.

Annual National Convention

This takes place every October normally on the 2nd weekend of that month. A keynote speaker and a series of workshops together with WGII’s AGM make this a week-end not to be missed.

Bi-Annual International Convention

This is organised by WGI (International) and it normally takes place early in July every two years (those with an even number). This is an excellent opportunity to share in the international resources of the institute, to network with people from all around the world and to attend an exciting range of workshops.

Glasser Quality School Movement

Join with those of our members who are encouraging this movement in Ireland.

Richard Pulk Professional Development Seminar

This special learning opportunity is arranged each year by WGII. It is intended for certified members and normally takes place in the spring or summer.

Focus Groups

A focus group is merely a group of people who meet on a regular basis to discuss specific aspects of Choice Theory psychology.  Anyone who is Certified in RT/CT could invite friends, neighbours or any collection of local people to join such a group.  One member ran a focus group for parents of her students; another runs a regular group in her neighbourhood.

Facilitator for “Take Charge of Your Life” workshops

This relatively new venture from WGI consists in a six-hour workshop intended for the general public.  It introduces Choice Theory psychology in a practical way.  Facilitators need to have completed RT/CT Certification and a short training course.  If you are interested please contact WGII.  This is also a valuable first step for anyone interested in becoming part of WGI faculty.

Faculty Training

Those interested in the possiblity of becoming faculty are advised to consult in the first place with their advanced Practicum Supervisors and Instructors and to engage in a process of self-evaluation of their suitability for a teaching role. Then, if confident that this is an appropriate direction for them, they should seek out a faculty consultant to engage in further self-evaluation and preparation. They should send a letter to the WGII expressing their interest in Faculty Training. It is the policy of WGII to organise faculty training courses when new faculty are required by WGII. Naturally our certified members may also apply to faculty training courses in other countries if they meet the requirements. It is essential to read the requirements as laid out in the latest Policy and Procedures Manual of WGI. You are normally required to have engaged in experiential work before being considered for a training course.

Training for the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP)

There is now a scheme whereby those who are certified in CT/RT and meet certain other requirements may engage in a further programme of training to obtain accreditation for the EAP. Further details about this scheme will be updated on the WGII website.

Membership of WGI International

By joining WGI you will receive the International Journal of Reality Therapy and the WGII Newsletter several times a year. You will receive an application form for WGI during your Certification Week.

Become active in WGII

There are many ways members can contribute to the success of WGII. Join your branch committee, seek nomination to the WGII national committee, offer to help with course registration and any other WGII events.  If you do not have time for regular committee meetings you might also be able to do some work from home.

The WGII Website

This is a popular web-site in Ireland and around the world. It aims to provide reference information on Reality Therapy, Choice Theory and the William Glasser Institute in Ireland. It also carries latest information about forthcoming events and Internet links of interest to our members. Features include a Question and Answer page and a daily quote from the writings of Dr Glasser. The address is www.wgii.ie Please visit the site regulary and tell others about it. Remember too that there is a special section for members (requiring a login and password).

The WGII Online Bookshop

Here is your best access to CT/RT materials: books, teaching aids, DVDs, CDs and downloads. The online shop also provides an easy way to pay fees for membership, courses and events. There is a special discount for members.

Contacting WGII

If you wish to receive further information about any of the above please contact WGII.  You will find an email contact facility and also phone numbers at the bottom of the webpage at www.wgii.ie.

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