Reality Therapy: Theory & Practice

Just published in English,”Reality Therapy: Theory & Practice” makes a fascinating read both for those already familiar with Reality Therapy and for newcomers. The authors go beyond the basics of Glasser’s ideas and give new perspectives to the core concepts of Choice Theory.  The book deals with a range of topics such as relationships, personality and personal well-being, giving the unique RT perspective on these. There are also many scripted examples of counsellor/client interactions and some interesting comparisons with other therapeutic approaches. The authors are Boba Lojk and her late husband Leon Lojk. Completion of the book became a labour of love for Boba after Leon passed away in 2014. The book has 200 pages and is available in Slovenian, Croatian and English. As soon as this becomes available to buy, we will provide the information here.

Choice Theory for Kids!

New situations invite new strategies and that is exactly what the Alethea centre in Dublin has done during the coronavirus crisis. Under the leadership of Norah Finn, she and her staff members have put together a series of online videos to introduce Choice Theory psychology to children. You can visit the site here:  and you will find the first videos dated about four weeks ago. The series involved a short video each day for children and their locked down parents, with tasks built in to demonstrate Choice Theory ideas, and then a follow-up short input every evening. Norah is a faculty member of William Glasser International and the Alethea centre relies heavily on Choice Theory psychology.

Choice Theory in Russia

One of the interesting developments arising out of the world-wide virus crisis is the increase in the use of video-conferencing technology. On Wednesday 6th May, our Russian faculty member, Sergey Bogolepov, had a meeting with some of his students and invited Brian Lennon to attend. In spite of the language barrier an exchange of ideas was possible thanks to Sergey’s interpreting. The questions were probing and the level of motivation of the group was impressive. But then what can you expect from the country of Lev Vygotsky?


Due to the current coronavirus crisis, the WGI International Conference, due to be held in Croatia this coming June of 2020, has been postponed. Obviously, we regret any inconvenience this causes but this decision is taken in the interests of the safety and health of all. Here is information on the postponement of the  WGI and EART Conference 2020 in Croatia. New Conference dates are: Conference 24th, 25th and 26th of June 2021 Faculty day 27th of June 2021 Everything like fees, hotel rooms and abstracts will be transferred to new dates. For those who will not be able to come refund will be possible. Due to organizational problems fee refund will be reduced for bank expenses and it will be possible after June 2020. You can get information on email: For Hotel rooms cancelation/refund please contact Amadra Park Šibenik Tel: +385 22 361 001 At the moment Amadria Park is not working due to Coronavirus epidemic. Couple of them are working from home and they seek your understanding and patience. We are very sad that we had to postpone Conference but we  hope to see you all next year in Croatia. Stay safe and healthy! Organizational Committee Dubravka Stijačić William Glasser Quote: „Since there will be no one left to talk peace after the next war, it makes good sense to break with tradition and hold the peace Conference first!“