Terry Lynch

Dr. Glasser invited Dr. Terry Lynch to write the foreword to his 2003 book, “Warning: Psychiatry can be Hazardous to your Mental Health”. Since then we have come to know that Dr. Lynch’s ideas are very highly compatible with the Choice Theory analysis of personal well-being and the different conditions that describe personal distress.

Terry has kindly offered open access to some components of his online courses about depression.

Here are two  more videos:

Dr. Lynch authored the best-selling book Beyond Prozac. A recent publication that provides one of the most detailed scientific analysis of the depression diagnosis is Depression Delusion.

He has been a keynote speaker at several Choice Theory conferences, the last being the WGI International Conference in Colombia in 2018.

Dr. Lynch (centre) with Dr. Glasser in 2005.

For further information about Dr. Lynch’s online course on Depression please CLICK HERE.

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