A New History of the Glasser Organisation

A commemorative historical edition of the Spring 2017 issue of the International Journal of Choice Theory® and Reality Therapy is now available in hardcover publication. It is beautifully done with a copy of Carleen Glasser’s water-color of Bill Glasser on the back page and a short write-up by Dr. Patricia Robey, Guest Lead Editor, who agreed to oversee this phenomenal undertaking at the request of Journal Editor, Dr. Tom Parish.

It is a once in a lifetime work that traces the history of Dr. Glasser from the very early years by the people and organizations that worked with him and were also somehow changed through the knowledge and understanding of his ideas. The book would make a wonderful gift not only during the upcoming Holiday Season but also for any momentous occasion. Proceeds shall go to the William Glasser International, Inc. and shall be tagged as support for the Journal.

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