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A Biography that inspires!

This is one man’s story of courage, sacrifice and sheer determination!

William Glasser: Champion of Choice

Learn about the man and about his ideas, ideas that invite you to change the way you view your life!

For anyone who is interested in Reality Therapy or Choice Theory psychology this book will provide amazing insights into their creator, Dr. William Glasser.  His story has at last been told and has amazed even his closest followers.  Dr. Glasser had always been reluctant to talk about his own past and most of those who worked with him did not know his remarkable story.  The keen interest and sharp research skills of author Jim Roy appealed to Glasser and he opened up his life as never before.

The end result is a remarkable story of courage, an account of the development of ideas most of the world was not ready to hear.  This book is more than a simple history of a life; it is inspirational.  Jim Roy has known how to capture the drama that must have been an unwelcome backdrop to most of Glasser’s professional life.  This makes a very good read!


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“William Glasser: Champion of Choice” by Jim Roy Ed.D. Published 2014  by Zeig, Tucker & Thiesen, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 420 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-934442-47-0


The author, Jim Roy, seen here with Dr. Glasser in 2012, is a professor in the teacher education program at Pacific Union College in California, USA.

He is also a faculty member of William Glasser International and has applied Choice Theory Psychology in a school setting for over 20 years.

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